1. You: Hi, this is Jahanvi from Career Factory

  2. She: Hi

  3. You: How are You?

  4. She: I am Fine

  1. You: This is In response to Your Enquiry for the Core HR Program, which you posted on "Career Factory's" Website...
    Is it a good time to Speak to You...

  2. She: Yes

  1. You: What is your Total Work Experience? (in which function or domain?)

  2. She: I have 2 years of experience OR I am a Fresher

  3. You: Ok

  1. You: and what is your last Qualification?

  2. She: B.Com OR MBA OR anything else

  3. You: Ok

  1. You: Ok, so when did you pass out?

  2. She: 2021 or whatever

  1. You: Ok, so have you understood what will be covered in the Program and how it will help you get a Job in the Core HR Profile?

  2. She: No! Not Yet

  1. You: Ok, and have you ever attended a demo session with us before?

  2. She: No, this is the first time I'm speaking to you guys

  3. You: Ohh Ok (surprised), so what you need to do is, attend a Demo Session, which is free of charge. You don't have to pay anything and Camera is not required for the sessions.

  4. She: Ok

  5. You: In the Demo Session, you will get to know how the Training is Provided, how it has helped candidates get jobs with companies like KFC, Airtel, and many such companies

  6. She: Ok

  7. You: and our Trainers will be able to recommend required Modules, based on which they will tell you the Fees, Duration and Placement Opportunities.

  8. She: Ok

  9. You: Yes and after you have all the information, you can decide what you want to do

  1. She: OK but what about the Duration and the Fee of the Program

  2. You: The Trainer will explain everything including Duration, Fee and Placement Process

  3. You: Then you can decide what u want

  4. She: Ok

  1. You: So when can you attend your Demo Session?

  2. She: I can attend today or I can attend tomorrow morning

  3. You: Ok, let me check and confirm back to you

  4. She: Hmmm ok

  1. You: Is this your WhatsApp Number?

  2. She: Yes

  3. You: Ok, then I will communicate with you on WhatsApp

  4. She: Ok, Sure

  5. You: Ok, thanks for your time, I'll revert on WhatsApp soon

  6. She: Ok thanks, Bye

  7. You: Ok Bye...



  1. You: The Training is 100% Practical

  1. You: The work done in any MNC is explained in detail

  1. You: Then u Practice on the Data / Assignments given to you

  1. You: This way u get ready to clear interviews

  1. You: and perform on the Job

  1. She: Ok