Grand Parade


Charlotte Frontier Days Parade Rules

  1. You must arrive by 9:00 am and be in your line up position by 9:30 am. There is a race every year and we do not want to interfere with the race or have the race delay the parade. The parade will begin at 10:30 am rain or shine. Please be prompt.

  1. Please respect the private property of Charlotte’s residents while in the lineup. Please keep horses, motor vehicles, etc. off sidewalks and lawns. Do not leave trash or other refuse behind. We will Fine anyone for damage that needs repair.

  1. Please note the parade staging areas. Streets into the staging area will be closed off except for vehicles physically in the parade. Participants are to be dropped off at Galewood Elementary School prior to the parade, and picked up at St. Mary’s Church parking lot at the conclusion of the parade. Once the participants are dropped off, they are to walk three blocks west to Horatio and Oliver streets to line up.

  1. Nothing is to be passed out on the parade line up or parade route without prior approval from the Frontier Days Board of Directors. If you are approved to pass out any items (example; candy or water), it must be handed out and not thrown.

  1. Participants with horses in their group are required to provide their own waste disposal unit (pooper scoopers). If you are unable to provide a waste disposal unit of your own, one may be provided for you by the Parade Committee for a fee.

  1. There is no political campaigning allowed during the parade. Any items to be given out must be approved by the Frontier Days Board. Elected officials my participate in the parade representing the constituents that elected him/her.

  1. Any violators WILL BE pulled out of the parade.

You will receive a confirmation letter along with a map of the parade route after your application has been received and processed.

Thank you for your participation in our festival. See you in September!