Welcome to the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library

Our Story

The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library is located in downtown Proctorsville, Vermont, adjacent to the Cavendish Town Elementary School at 573 Main Street Proctorsville, VT.

We were formed through a grassroots effort in 1990 replacing two smaller libraries and giving the Cavendish Town Elementary School a school library for the first time. The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library serves as both the town and school library for Cavendish and Proctorsville, which allows a small town to have a full-time library during the school year. Although library classes are taught during the day, patrons are welcome to use the library during school hours.

The library contains approximately 14,000 items including books, movies, audio books and over 30 periodical subscriptions. We have six computers available for patron use and provide free Wi-Fi.

The library serves the community with several programs including after school children's programming, a summer reading program, and coming soon! A book club and a Flick Clique!

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Summer Hours

Tuesday 9:00-6:30

Wednesday 9:00-6:30

Thursday 9:00-6:30

Saturday 12:00-4:00

Contact us at:

802-226-7503 (phone)

802-226-7858 (fax)

PO Box 266, Proctorsville, VT 05153