Upcoming Talks:

  • American Society for International Law, Washington DC, June 2020 (rescheduled online);
  • PhD course on 'Legitimacy of International Institutions and International Courts,' PluriCourts, University of Oslo, May 2021 (rescheduled).
  • Cardiff University, Center for Law and Society Conference, UK, July 2021 (rescheduled).

Recent talks:

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, April 2020 (cancelled);
  • PPE Society Meeting, New Orleans, LA, March 2020 (cancelled);
  • Norwegian Center for Human Rights, Oslo, Norway, February 2020;
  • Workshop 'Hermann Heller on Sovereignty,' LSE, November 2019;
  • Keynote Practical Philosophy Group Annual Workshop, University of Oslo, November 2019;
  • ECPR General Conference, Poland, September 2019;
  • Keynote Legal and Political Theory Workshop, PluriCourts, University of Oslo, June 2019;
  • University of Amsterdam, June 2019;
  • UK-Latin America Political Philosophy Research Network Workshop, University College London, April 2019;
  • ECPR Joint Session Workshop, Mons, Belgium, April 2019;
  • PPE Society Meeting, March 2019;
  • Catholic University of Lisbon, March 2019;
  • University of East Anglia. January 2019;
  • University of Michigan Law School, December 2018;
  • McGill University (Legal Theory Seminar), November 2018;
  • Oxford University (Nuffield Political Theory Workshop), November 2018;
  • Cambridge University (Contemporary Political Theory Seminar Series), November 2018.
  • University of Liverpool, September 2018;
  • American Political Science Association Meeting, Boston, MA, August, 2018;
  • The Political and Legal Theory of International Courts and Tribunals, PluriCourts Oslo, June 2018;
  • University of Hamburg, January 2018;
  • Eastern American Philosophical Association, Savannah, GA, January 2018.