Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

What is the CIP?

The CIP is the long-range plan for all individual capital improvement projects and funding sources. CIP Projects are unique construction projects that provide improvements or additions such as new wells, water mains or infrastructure improvements.

Why is the CIP Important?

The CIP helps enhance the overall quality of water by improving the physical structures, systems, and facilities that provide water to your home. CIP projects are generally large and expensive, and the assets we install, replace, or rehabilitate will likely be required for decades of use.

The CIP is a 10 year forecast of the Central Water District capital needs.

CIP - Is it a simple process?

No. Executing the CIP portfolio is complex in nature due to the size, volume, various funding sources, project types.

Is every project part of the CIP?

Every project is part of the CIP. The CIP descriptions clearly establish that a project is capital in nature. What makes it capital in nature is the construction, purchase, or major renovation of utility systems, and other facilities.

All capital projects are clearly represented by the District and categorized by project type and improvement type.

  • Project types provide a categorized breakdown of the type of facility being constructed or improved
  • Improvement types may be identified as improving, expanding, or replacing of an existing District asset, or the project that may result in a new asset for the Water District.

How are projects selected and prioritized?

Historically, the District CIP needs have exceeded the availability of funding. Therefore, there is a need to prioritize CIP projects. The District Manager prioritizes the projects based on the critical nature of the asset.

Major Capital Improvements In Progress

* Valencia Pipeline Replacement

* Well 14

* Redwood Heights Booster Pump Scada Upgrade

* New Operations Vehicle

* Update GIS District Mapping Software

CWD_CIP_Program Rev1.pdf