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The Board of Directors of Central Water District held a public hearing pursuant to a proposed increase in water rates. The public hearing was held on Monday April 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the District Office located at 400 Cox Road in Aptos.

Approximately 42 community members attended the hearing. District Manager Ralph Bracamonte gave a comprehensive presentation regarding the reasons for the proposed water rate increase. Some community members spoke at the hearing and there were 77 written protests filed prior to the end of the public hearing.

Subsequent to public comments the Board of Directors made their comments and had a discussion before bringing the matter to a vote. The Board did vote to approve the proposed water rate increase as presented. The rate increase is effective July 1, 2017 and will consist of two tiers:


District water rates consist of a standby charge (based on meter size) and volumetric (quantity) charges. The schedule for consumptive charges is based upon a measured quantity of 100 cubic feet (748 gallons) per unit.

Meter Size (5/8-inch, up to 1-inch) Current Approved

Fire Service $ 29.28 No Change

Primary Zone, Day Zone, Redwood Heights $ 40.00 No Change

Maintenance district zone, commercial, agricultural

Outside District Customers, Temporary Service

Meter Size (2-inch, up to 4-inch)

Fire Service $ 40.00 No Change

Mobile Home Park $180.00 No Change

Agriculture & Commercial $ 96.00 No Change

Hydrant Meter Service (Bulk Water) $200.00 No Change

Volumetric Charges Approved

Primary Zone Consumptive Charges

Tier 1 0- 20 units $4.00/unit

Tier 2 21-40 units $7.00/unit

Day Zone Consumptive Charges

Tier 1 0 -20 units $4.40/unit

Tier 2 21-40 units $7.40/unit

Redwood Heights/Maintenance District Consumptive Charges

Tier 1 0- 20 units $4.25/unit

Tier 2 21-40 units $7.25/unit

Mobile Home Parks (Monthly)

Tier 1 0- 420 units $4.00/unit

Tier 2 421 -Above $7.00/unit

Outside District / Temporary Meter

Tier 1 0- 20 units $4.00/unit

Tier 2 21-40 units $7.00/unit

Additional charges apply if Above Primary Zone

Two –inch Meter Service/Commercial /Agriculture (monthly)

Tier 1 0- 160 Units $4.00/unit

Tier 2 161- Above $7.00/unit

You can view the staff presentation that was given at the public hearing by clicking on the page below that is entitled:

Proposed Water Rates 2017/18

Water Rates Presentation 04_17.pdf