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Posted on October 19, 2018:

Lead Organizers: Kelly MacMartin and Susan Koch

A Message from Central VT EDcamp Organizers~

Kelly MacMartin and Susan Koch

Hello Educators!

I hope you're as excited as we are for our upcoming event! The final preparations are under way for the Central VT EdCamp, which will take place from 9:00 am- 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 20th at the Vermont State House. Thanks for registering! We are a talented group, bringing much expertise to share with one another. Following are some important notes we want to share with you before the event. See you soon!

1. What is EdCamp and how does it work?

Central VT EdCamp is a free professional development conference for Teachers by Teachers. Participants create and schedule the sessions that will be held throughout the day based on the expertise in the room. It is an interest driven, purely organic, professional development opportunity that encourages true professional dialogue. We are a motivated and intelligent group of educators from a range of content areas, grade levels, and administrative positions.

We will organize a series of sessions that may explore technological tools, best practices, current issues, and more. This is an opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer sharing, and to make professional connections. You'll build your network! It's a conference, but it's a little different.

In our conversations about learning, everyone has the opportunity to share professional knowledge. Together we shape the content and outcomes of the conference. You can share your expertise directly with participants through a presentation format or perhaps guide a discussion with a question.

You might choose to explore questions like these: What role does technology play in schools today/tomorrow? How are we preparing students for work and citizenship in the modern world? What exactly should we be teaching students and when? What are some ways we can integrate outdoor learning opportunities into our curriculum? What are you curious about?

At the start of the Central VT EdCamp, we will build the sessions together. Please be prepared with ideas you want to share as well as handouts, links, and other resources you might want to pass on. If you are not leading, you will contribute to discussions that others are leading. Ask questions and find your answers from the experts in the room!

2. Parking and Entry~ You can park anywhere on the streets or in the parking lots around the VT State House. There are no parking restrictions. You can enter the building through the left entrance when you're facing the front of the State House. We will meet in the cafeteria, which is located upstairs. There will be signs to help you find your way. A security guard will also be on duty to help you if you're lost.

3. You probably know by now this event is F-R-E-E! We are sponsored by the EdCamp Foundation as well as local small businesses. Light breakfast, coffee, snacks, and lunch will be provided. We also have several awesome raffle items that we will give out at the end of the day to many lucky participants. Be sure to drop your name in the drawing jar when you check in at the start of the day for a chance to win!

4. What should you bring?

  • *Great ideas and resources to share!
  • *Friends~ If you know of someone who is not registered, but wants to attend at the last minute, bring them along. There's always room for more.
  • *Technology~ You will want a device to access information, review apps, take notes, share resources, tweet seeds of learning, connect with others via email/twitter, and more. Bring a laptop and other devices that might come in handy such as cell phone, iPad, robots, etc...
  • *Twitter Handle~ please get an account on Twitter if you don't have one already. We will connect with one another via Twitter and we'll tweet out to #cvtedcamp and #vted throughout the day. We'll build our network together. Start now by following your organizers @kellymacmartin1 and @susankochVT .

5. Here's a quick overview of our schedule for the day: Susan and Kelly will be at the State House by 8:00 am and you are welcome to arrive any time after 8:30am.

*8:30-9:10 am~ Arrival, Check-in, Network, Light Breakfast

*9:10-9:30 am~ EdCamp Launch: Group Introductions, Welcome Address, create sessions board

*9:30-10:15 am~ Session 1

Break and Transition

*10:25-11:10 am~Session 2

Break and Transition

*11:20-11:50- Elevating Teacher Voices: Susan Koch (2016 VT STOY)

*12:00-1:00 pm~ Lunch Provided in the Cafeteria and Teacher Recess: Explore diversity books, Create at Makerspace

*1:00-1:45 pm~Session 3

Break and Transition, Global Awareness Movement Activity

*1:55-2:40 pm~ Session 4

*2:40-3:00 pm~ Closure: Exit Card, PD Certificate, Raffle,Thank You’s

This is guaranteed to be an excellent day of learning and networking for all of us. Please email us with questions or concerns and see you on Saturday!

Warmest Wishes,

Your Co-Organizers, Kelly MacMartin (k.macmartin@gmail.com) and

Susan Koch (susank@mpsvt.org)

Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (EDT)

Vermont State House

115 State Street

Montpelier, VT 05633

Organized by EDcamp Foundation


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The Following Was Posted In July 2018:

Here Are Some Important Details:

Location: Vermont State House- 115 State St., Montpelier, VT (we'll meet in the cafeteria to start the day)

Date: Saturday, October 20, 2018

Time: 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

What To Bring: device(s) and friends. We'll provide free breakfast, snacks, and lunch!

~We'll use this exit survey at the conclusion of EdCamp: https://goo.gl/forms/5wLHtDcx8jfvSsX82


Calling all Vermont Educators, support staff, friends of education, and future educators! Come and enjoy a FREE day of professional learning designed by and for YOU. You will have the opportunity to expand your network and engage in deep discussions with fellow professionals about topics that you are personally interested in such as innovation and technology, trauma informed/transformed practices, restorative practices, global sustainability practices, content specific pedagogies, and much more! By raising up our practice as educators we raise up the level of learning in our classrooms. You may choose to lead a discussion or participate in discussions while others lead. No pressure!

The Central VT Edcamp is sponsored by the Edcamp Foundation. Thank you to local businesses for donating additional supplies for this event. Coffee, snacks, and lunch will be provided for free. At the end of the day, we will come back together for a short reflection, raffle, and to hand out certificates to document your professional development hours.

You won't want to miss this special event designed just for you. Bring your friends!


  • Participants will create a wide network of colleagues via Twitter/email who can inform their knowledge and skills on shared topics during the event and beyond.
  • Participants will share seeds of expertise through open discussions that inspire the desire to learn more about it.
  • Participants will share ideas (reflect, give/gain feedback) virtually using the Twitter hashtags #cvtedcamp and #vted


Please follow this Eventbrite link to register for the Central VT Edcamp:

Central VT Edcamp Registration

Interest Form:

Please follow this link (Central VT Edcamp Interest Form) to let the facilitators know a little more about your professional interests. You can note specific areas you have background knowledge in and would be willing to lead a discussion around and areas you'd like to learn more about. This will help with planning. You can change your mind about what you write on this form. Thanks!


There are no parking restrictions on weekends and when legislature is not in session. Feel free to park anywhere you want.

If you're facing the front of the building, you can enter using the entrance on the left side of the building.

We will be using the cafeteria, Room 10, and the Cedar Creek Room. There will be signs pointing you in the right direction.

Contact Information:

Kelly MacMartin and Susan Koch, Organizers

Email: k.macmartin@gmail.com

Twitter: @kellymacmartin1 @SusanKochVT

Cell: 802-917-3753

Thanks and see you soon!