Centerville Boys XC

OHSAA State Championship 11/10/18

Capping off an outstanding season, the boys' cross country team ran to 17th place at the OHSAA State Cross Country Championships at the National Trail Raceway this past Saturday. The entire season, Senior Ben Burkett ran with excellence, and he did not disappoint at the state finals, crossing the line in 15th place overall, earning All-State honors with a time of 16:26.1.

Rounding out the Elk runners were:

Senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick at 17:08.3

Junior Jeremy Davidson at 17:10.5

Sophomore Justin Davidson at 17:50.7

Freshman Jacob Spaulding at 18:09.8

Sophomore Ethan Zeiser at 18:13.2

Sophomore Aidan Downs at 18:23.2

Everyone is proud of these boys and wish the seniors the best. Watch for great things next season, based on the incredible talent, consistent effort, and old-fashioned grit displayed all season by the whole team.

The boys would also like to give a HUGE shout out to the girls' cross country team for another trip to the podium this year. #EPND!

STATE Postponed Until 11/10/18

OHSAA decided to postpone the State Championship meet until next Saturday, November 10th, due to rainfall and potential flooding on the course and in the parking areas. Everything that was originally planned, including the team bus and tailgate, will happen exactly as week later. If you signed up for the tailgate please follow through with whatever you originally signed up for (click here if you still want to sign up). Unfortunately we need to generate a completely new list for the team bus. Anyone who is planning on riding the team bus must sign up on this form again. If you ride the team bus the team will pay your $10 entrance into the meet.


EVERYONE is invited to come out for food, fun, and race day excitement at the State Tailgate Party. Join us as we celebrate a fantastic season of Cross Country at CHS and cheer on the boys and girls competing in the State Championship races. All athletes and their families are encourage to attend! Chili and sandwiches will be provided. There is an option sign-up if you are interested in helping out.


All CBXC athletes (middle school boys included) are invited to ride the team bus to the State Championship. We want to get as many fans there as we can to support the boys and girls this weekend and this is an easy (and free) way for you to get there. Please sign up via this google form to ride the bus so we can have a proper head count (and meet the minimum requirement to justify taking a bus). If you ride the team bus your ticket into the meet will also be paid for by the team ($10). The bus leaves from the CHS athletic entrance at 9:15 am and will return at approximately 6:00 pm. Click here to sign up.

OHSAA Regional Championship

Saturday the Boys Cross Country team advanced to the Division I State Championship by placing third at the Regional competition in Troy. Senior Ben Burkett placed second overall with a time of 15:48, Junior Jeremy Davidson placed 26th with 16:27.7, Senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick placed 38th with 16:38.8, Sophomore Aidan Downs placed 41st at 16:43.7, Sophomore Justin Davidson placed 65th with a time of 17:00.1, Sophomore Ethan Zeiser placed 85th at 17:16.5, Freshman Jacob Spaulding placed 91st with 17:20.3. State Championship happens next Saturday, November 3 at the National Trail Raceway in Hebron.

The boys would like to congratulate the girls cross country team for also placing third in their regional race. #HerdUp to Hebron!

OHSAA DIstrict Championship

Huge congratulations are due to the boys cross country team for winning the District Cross Country meet this past Saturday at Cedarville University. Two varsity runners made personal records during the race. Placing second overall was senior Ben Burkett with a time of 15:33.9, followed by junior Jeremy Davidson at 12th with a time of 16:29.8, freshman Jacob Spaulding at 32nd with a time of 16:57.3, sophomore Ethan Zeiser at 36th at 17:03.9, sophomore Justin Davidson at 39th with a time of 17:10.8 (PR), sophomore Reid Ammer at 42nd with a time of 17:12.4 (PR), and junior Dominic Smith at 45th with a time of 17:16.7. The team advances to the Regional competition at Troy Memorial Stadium next Saturday. #LiftOff!

GWOC Championship

Many miles of hard work paid off Saturday when the Boys Cross Country team won the Greater Western Ohio Conference championship! Three of the seven boys in the varsity race ran a new personal record during the important GWOC race. Parents, coaches, and teammates are all so proud!

The varsity runners and their results were:

Senior Ben Burkett in 1st place (15:38.9)

Senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick in 10th place (16:20.3)

Junior Jeremy Davidson in 11th place (16:20.8)

Sophomore Aidan Downs in 15th place (16:39.7 - PR)

Freshman Jacob Spaulding in 32nd place (16:56.2 - PR)

Sophomore Ethan Zeiser in 33rd place (16:56.9 - PR)

Sophomore Russell Emmert in 47th (17:17.6)

Varsity boys advance to the OHSAA District Championship to be held at Cedarville University at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday, October 20th.

The Elks ran away with the Reserve race too, placing first overall with the top seven runners crossing the finish line 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th, 11th, 13th, and 17th out of 315 runners. Nineteen of Centerville's JV runners ran PRs Saturday. Outstanding!

Firebird Invitational

A huge congratulations is due to the boys cross country team for sweeping this past Saturday's Firebird Invitational at Kettering's Indian Riffle Park. The boys ran in three races - Silver (varsity) 5K, 11th/12th grade open, and 9th/10th grade open -- and won all three races! Varsity results are:

Senior Ben Burkett at 15:49.3 (2nd place)

Senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick at 16:39.6 (6th place)

Junior Jeremy Davidson at 16:40.6 (7th place)

Sophomore Aidan Downs at 17:17.8 (37th place)

Sophomore Russell Emmert at 17:22.4 (39th place)

Sophomore Justin Davidson at 17:30.4 (50th place)

Sophomore Ethan Zeiser at 17:30.6 (52nd place)

Junior Dominic Smith at 17:36.9 (58th place)

Junior Kyle Bucklew at 17:59.8 (85th place)

Junior Isaac Einstein at 18:12.9 (99th place)

Saturday Night Lights

What an exciting experience to have all middle school and high school Centerville XC teams running at high levels, cheering each other on, and being part of the huge home crowd at the 2018 Saturday Night Lights this weekend! Teams from all over Ohio and from several states made the event feel like THE place to be. Thanks to the video expertise of student Trey Ramsey and the high-tech scoreboard, it was possible to watch the runners at several legs of the course live -- without leaving the stands. The Elks competed in four separate SNL races, with the majority of runners achieving a new personal record!

The 9th and 10th graders got the team off on the right foot by placing first in their open race. The top runners and their times were: Gabe Walter (PR-17:55.9), Nick Tipple (PR-17:58.3), Connor Boring (PR-17:59.8), Vincent Friesinger (PR-18:22.6), Aidan Zink (PR-18:34.2), Eric Orf (18:34.7), and Logan Rimkus(PR-18:34.9).

The Elks won 4th place in the 11th-12th boys open race, achieved by Rhys Schantz (PR-18:04.3) Kerry Beavers (18:08.7), William Zhang (PR-18:56.7),Dylan Flaute (PR-19:07.6), Robert Cwiekalo (PR-19:17.5), Camden Kime (20:21.5), and Reilly Combs (20:53.0).

In the high school boys Varsity A contest, Centerville boys placed 6th of 33 teams, thanks to the outstanding races of Aidan Downs (17:03.5), Dominic Smith (PR-17:10.9), Ethan Zeiser (PR-17:20.2), Tyler Job (PR-17:36.1), Ryan Flanagan (PR-18.05.1), Parker Blosser (18:22.4), and Trey Ramsey (PR-18:34.0).

In the 13th and final race of the night, Boys Varsity Championship, the top runners for the Elks earned 5th place out of 24 teams. Top finishers were: Ben Burkett (PR-15:31.4), Jeremy Davidson (PR-16:14.8), Adrian (AJ) Bostwick (16:32.5), Russell Emmert (PR-16:33.1), Justin Davidson (PR-17:17.9), Jacob Spaulding (PR-17:21.5), and Reid Ammer (17:29.5).

Thank you to all the parents and community supporters whose volunteer efforts made this special night possible.

Friendship Invitational

The CBXC boys were among 764 Division 1 runners battling through the hot and sunny conditions at Cedarville University's Friendship Invitational this past Saturday, September 15, walking away as the 20th place team. Top finisher for the Elks was senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick who finished 21st with a time of 17:15.7, followed by junior Ryan Flanagan at 18:45.2, sophomore Eric Orf at 19:00.0, freshman Gabe Walter at 19:13.3, junior Rhys Schantz at 19:17.2, sophomore Vincent Friesinger at 19:28.0, freshman Aidan Zink at 19:29.8, senior Trey Ramsey at 19:31.8, junior Kery Beavers at 19:50.2, and freshman Chris Dickson at 19:54.1. Way to bring it, team!

Spartan Invitational

The team's top fifteen runners traveled to Lansing for the Spartan Invitational on Friday, September 14. In the Elite race, they captured 9th place out of 40 teams. Outstanding work, guys! Top seven finishers were:

15:50.6 Senior Ben Burkett

16:42.1 Junior Jeremy Davidson

17:16.8 Sophomore Russell Emmert

17:28.0 Sophomore Reid Ammer

17:35.6 Sophomore Justin Davidson

17:40.7 Freshman Jacob Spaulding

17:52.0 Sophomore Bill Monroe

In the JV Race the boys finish 2nd among a field of distinguished runners. The top five ran in a tight packing placing 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, and 18th. Great job boys!

Mason Invitational

Constant rainfall may have muddied course conditions but could not dampen team spirit at Saturday, September 8th's Mason XC Invitational. The boy's varsity team powered through to eleventh place out of 27 teams. Senior Ben Burkett crossed the finish line in third place overall and first for the Elks with an outstanding time of 16:16.8. Rounding out the top eight for varsity was this group, all within just 25 seconds of each other:

Sophomore Reid Ammer with a time of 17:56.7

Freshman Jacob Spaulding at 18:02.7

Sophomore Bill Monroe at 18:08.8

Sophomore Justin Davidson at 18:10.1

Freshman Tyler Job at 18:17.3

Junior Dominic Smith at 18:18.3

Sophomore Aidan Downs at 18:19.2

Reserve runners for the Elks finished strong also, taking fourth out of 19 teams in the 9-10 Reserve race and sixth out of 16 teams in the 11-12 Reserve race. Good work boys!

Hot Summer Bash

Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country Team for earning third place out of 14 competing teams in the Hot Summer Bash Meet this past humid Saturday at Hilliard Davidson High School. Senior Ben Burkett crossed the finish line first for the Elks at 15:54.34, followed by senior Adrian "AJ" Bostwick at 16:41.40, sophomore Russell Emmert at 16:46.23, junior Jeremy Davidson at 16:58.73, sophomore Reid Ammer at 17:44.57, sophomore Justin Davidson at 17:45.92, and junior Kyle Bucklew at 17:47.62. Bill Monroe, Connor Downs, and Dominic Smith rounded out the varsity team with very respectable times. Keep up the solid work, guys!

The boys want to congratulate Centerville Girls XC for winning their meet this week at Greenville.

Finish Timing Invite

Congratulations to the Centerville Boys Cross Country team for earning a second-place finish at their first outing of the season, the FinishTiming XC Classic held Saturday, August 25 at Wilmington College. The hilly course didn't intimidate these guys, with the fastest seven runners finishing in the top 25 out of 265 open race competitors.

Junior Jeremy Davidson led the Elks, coming in 5th place overall with a time of 16:52.3, followed by sophomore Russell Emmert in 8th place with 17:17.8, 11th place sophomore Reid Ammer with 17:43.8,14th place senior Connor Downs with 17:50.0, 17th place junior Domenic Smith with 17:56.8, 21st place junior Kyle Bucklew with 18:04.3, and rounding out the top 7 was 23rd place sophomore Justin Davidson with 18:10.4. Four boys finished within 10 seconds of Justin's coveted 7th place time: Bill Monroe, Ethan Zeiser, Parker Blosser, and Aidan Downs. We can't wait to see how these boys push each other to greater excellence as the season progresses.

The boys want to give a shout out to Centerville Girls XC for crushing the competition during their season opener at Northmont this weekend!

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