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Securing Your Data Center

Digital assets must be protected at all times. Sadly, many companies believe their data is safe right up until a breach occurs. They then face stiff penalties and a loss of business as they work to find where the lapse occurred. Don't let this happen. Implement a best practices approach when it comes to data center services and ensure all employees are well informed with regard to these practices. This helps to reduce the risk of a breach although it cannot be eliminated completely. What measures should a company implement today?

Physical Space

Companies tend to implement measures to control access to sensitive data. However, the physical space must be secured in all areas. For example, a company needs to determine how easy it is for an unauthorized person to enter the building and gain access to these areas. This happens more often than business owners want to admit and is an area that needs to be addressed. The highest level of protection involves securing the entire building, not simply those areas where sensitive information is contained.


Furthermore, employees must be monitored to make certain they are properly handling sensitive information and taking steps to prevent unauthorized access. Enforcement of company policies is essential and workers must be properly trained to ensure they follow best practices at all times. Biometrics and camera surveillance are two methods that may be used and there are numerous others. Bring in a third-party to evaluate these measures also, as they may be able to spot holes individuals within the company cannot.

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work when it comes to data center security. The measures implemented need to be appropriate for the company and its data center. This depends on the size of the data center, where it is located, the hardware used for this purpose, and more. Nevertheless, data center best practices do tend to be consistent at their core and the key is to actively monitor and evaluate these practices to ensure they remain effective. In the event this task becomes overwhelming, don't hesitate to call on the professionals who specialize in this area. They can be of great help ensuring your company and its data is secure at all times.