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CEN-DynaGEO is an international research project promoted by Instituto Superior Técnico (University of Lisbon), Engineering School of the University of Minho, and BarcelonaTech, and funded by the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia.

New positions available

Calls are open for two research grants with the CEN-DynaGEO Project, namely:

  • a research grant for a Master of Science or equivalent; and,
  • a research grant for a PhD holder.

Please consult our Positions page for details!


In the lab, seismic wave testing of geomaterials is performed using mainly resonant column apparatus or piezoelectric transducers. As compared to the resonant column, piezoelectric transducers are cheaper, faster to install, easier to use and yield similar results. However, the wave propagation induced by the transducers is more complex, hindering the standardization of the testing setup and the interpretation of the output signal.

Regarding the experimental setup, open issues include the best location of the transducers, their optimal shape, and the nature of the excitation. Regarding the output signal, its interpretation is hindered by the high frequency damping, energy radiation and boundary reflections that take place as the seismic wave propagates.

The objective of this project is to change the way piezoelectric testing is approached, by coupling innovative experimental and numerical modelling techniques to optimize the testing setup and automatize the interpretation of the output signal.

The research team combines complementary competences and equipment from four research centres in Portugal and Spain. Professor David Muir Wood, a world renowned expert in the field, enters as a consultant.