Cellular Healing



At Cellular Healing, we believe that every person should have the ability to benefit from cell-based therapy. However, we recognize that cell-based therapy can be an expensive procedure, and therefore may exclude some individuals from receiving treatment. This financial imbalance does not seem fair, as we believe all people should have the option to use the cells God provided them with for healing purposes.

The staff at Cellular Healing is in the process of opening a pilot clinic on the Northwest side of Detroit to help provide cell therapies and train health care professionals on the proper techniques of Cellular Healing. Emphasis will be placed on options for the poor and marginalized who may not be able to afford treatment.


The specific objectives and purpose of this organization will be as follows:

  • To provide medical care to people who may not be able to otherwise afford appropriate medical care
  • To furnish proper facilities, equipment, and training to physicians, healthcare providers, laboratory technicians, and ancillary medical staff personnel in order to provide medical care
  • To promote the proper patient selection, harvesting techniques, cell processing and delivery of adult human autologous cell products
  • To sponsor education and training sessions for licensed physicians, physician extenders, laboratory techs and ancillary medical staff on the proper harvesting, processing, delivery and use of cell-based products for common human medical conditions


In conclusion, not only do we feel that cellular therapy should be available to the wonderful people of Southeastern, Michigan, but we believe it should be accessible to other impoverished areas worldwide.

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