CELLAR Productions is an independent film, art and production company based in Kristiansand, Norway. The company focuses on projects related to culture, equality and inclusion, human rights, art and music, history and nature - both as parts of exhibitions, through performance art, within film direction and production and within the documentary genre.

CELLAR Records is the company's sound and music department which takes care of vignettes, film music, voice-over and standard music production, etc.

For further information or to make inquiries concerning production, projects, cooperations and pricing*, please use our CONTACT page.

*Please note that CELLAR Productions bases all pricing as a minimum and terms of service on Norwegian and E.U. law, including national and international law on intellectual property rights, and as expressed by, but not limited to the Norwegian Film Association (see link) and tariffs and terms and service agreements made by the relevant branch unions and associations in the host country.