Céline Poilly

Professor of Economics, AMSE, Aix-Marseille University, France


CEPR Research Fellow & DIW Fellow


Aix-Marseille University

Îlot Bernard Dubois

5 Boulevard Bourdet

13001 Marseille, France


  • Does demand noise matter? Identification and implications, with Kenza Benhima, Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming. Article, Online appendix

  • Reforms and the Real Exchange Rate: The Role of Pricing-to-Market, with Lise Patureau, Journal of International Economics, 2019, 119, 150-168. Article Online appendix

  • Employment, Hours and The Welfare Effects of Intra-Firm Bargaining, with Maarten Dossche and Vivien Lewis. Journal of Monetary Economics, 2019, 104, 67-84. Article Online appendix

  • Corporate Cash and Employment, with Philippe Bacchetta and Kenza Benhima. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2019, 11, 1-37. Article Online Appendix

  • Evaluating Labor Market Reforms: A Normative Analysis, with Dennis Wesselbaum. Journal of Macroeconomics, 2014, 39, 156-170. Article Online appendix

  • Investigating the Zero Lower Bound in the Nominal Interest Rate under Financial Instability, with Julio Carrillo. in: J. Leal, S. McKnight (Eds.), Contemporary Topics in Macroeconomics, El Colegio de México (ISBN: 978-607-462-637-7), 2014.

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  • Does Money Matter for the Identification of Monetary Policy Shocks: A DSGE Perspective. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2010, 34, 2159-2178. Article

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  • In French: Une Evaluation Structurelle du Ratio de Sacrifice dans la Zone Euro, with Jérôme Coffinet. Revue d'Économie Politique, 2009, Vol. 119.

Working Papers

The Transmission channels of government spending uncertainty, with Anna Belianska and Aurélien Eyquem. Manuscript. Online appendix.


  • Economic, Finance and Crisis

    • Master 2nd year, Autumn, Friday 9.00-12.00am (AMSE, Marseille)

    • Link Amétice

  • Principes d'Economie

    • Bachelor 1st year, Autumn, Monday 10.15-1.15pm (Ferry, Aix)

    • Link Amétice

  • Monnaie, Banque, Finance

    • Bachelor 2st year, Autumn, Thursday, 8.00-10.00am (Schuman, Aix)

    • Link Amétice

  • Macroeconomics II

    • Master 1st year, Spring, TBD (AMSE, Marseille)

    • Link Amétice

  • Macroéconomie 1

  • Jeux et Enjeux de la politique économique

    • Bachelor 2nd year, Spring, TBD (Ferry, Aix)

    • Link Amétice

Previous courses at Louvain la Neuve:

  • 2008-2011, Phd : Advanced course in economics II : Simulation and estimation methods for dynamic general equilibrium models (ECON2702)

  • 2009-2011, Master, 2nd year: Séminaire Economie Financière, ECON2436.

  • 2010-2012, Master, 2nd year: Modélisation Macroéconomique, ECON2313.

  • 2009-2011, Bachelor, 1st year: Economie Politique, CPOS1115.

Previous courses at University of Lausanne:

  • 2011-2015, Bachelor, 1st year: Macroéconomie Quantitative

  • 2011-2015, Master, 2nd year: Dynamic Macroeconomic Models