"Angel, I want to make you aware that because of your encouragement and skilled efforts I am no longer pre diabetic and I feel youthful again. Your variety of sensible approaches to overall fitness in all areas have never been boring but have been life-changing. I owe it to you because I get compliments on my noticeable results. Thank you Angel!"


"My name is Olivia Mantovani I am in a wheelchair because I have a disease called SCA3 Ataxia. Which causes unbalance and your coordination is pretty much shot. I learned staying strong and working out was really important with all the different types of Ataxia. So, two years ago I signed up for a gym membership. Since it is hard for me to get around I decided to sign up with a personal trainer. We worked great together from the very beginning. I can truly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in. Angel also switched gyms and she was the perfect fit for me, so I switched gyms and I followed her to her new health and wellness center! Angel is so committed to her job she even does research on exercises that will greatly benefit each of her clients. She has made me a stronger and more confident woman! I am so lucky to have her as a personal trainer but I'm so thankful to call Angel a very great friend!"

-Olivia Mantovani