🌟 Welcome!  Hi There, and HELLO! 😁

I’m Celeste, but friends and colleagues know me as Cicie. With over two decades in the trenches of advertising and creative production across major industries like automotive, consumer electronics, entertainment, and gaming, I've worn many hats. From app development and VR to advertising and live ops, I've developed a knack for elevating creative ideas, amplifying concepts, and bringing them to life through production and technology.

I've passionately produced projects and products that span a spectrum: mobile apps, videos, print, experiential projects, and more across industries such as automotive, entertainment, gaming, and consumer electronics. 

My journey in the industry has taken me from major ad agencies like Deutsch LA, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY, and 72andSunny to mobile game development and creative operations at Amazon Studios and Prime Video.

🌟 The Convergence of Advertising, Tech, and Gaming: What's the common thread? 

The boundaries separating Advertising, Entertainment, and Technology are progressively merging.   Leading agencies and top-tier brands consistently push the boundaries, seeking novel ways to engage their audience. From immersive events and digital applications to interactive games and innovative products, the realm of creative technology is expansive.  Every experience I've garnered only adds depth to my multifaceted skill set. In short, I've navigated the entire spectrum of the industry.  My adaptability is a hallmark of my career; I swiftly grasp and acclimate to emerging technologies and production methodologies, always seeking the optimal solution tailored to unique challenges. 

🔹 My Career Highlights:

🔹My Philosophy:

Optimism and Faith drive me - combined, they are the wind behind my sails, propelling me forward even in challenging situations. My southern roots have endowed me with a hearty laugh, 😆 and I always believe in clear, straightforward communication. I thrive when surrounded by talent, love team synergy, and am always searching for innovative ways to collaborate and achieve greatness.

🔹 A Glimpse of My Personal Life: 

Family forms my backbone, with two fantastic boys, Jonah and Caleb, and my supportive husband, Malik, completing the picture. Our family is also graced with a 15-year-old Norwegian Forrest Cat named AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) -a name inspired by my husband's tech background.  

Hailing originally from Atlanta, GA, I've called Long Beach, California home for the past 20 years.

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