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About me.

I obtained my Master degree in Brussels in 2016. Since October 2016 I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Eva Miranda and member of the Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems, unofficially named b-Lab.

My research interests are symplectic and contact geometry. Currently I am trying translate well-known results in contact geometry and Reeb dynamics to a generalization of contact manifolds, known as b-contact manifolds.

I am a recipient of the AFR grant by the Fond National de la Recherche Luxembourg.

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Varietats diferenciables 2019.

Exercise Sheet 1: Differential Geometry, Transversality and Mor(s)e...

Exercise Sheet 2: Lie groups and algebras

Exercise Sheet 3: Lie group actions

Exercise Sheet 4: Differential forms and integration on manifolds

Midterm evaluation.

Exercise Sheet 5: Symplectic Geometry

Besides maths.

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Av. Dr. Marañón, 44-50

08028 Barcelona, Spain

Office: Edifici P - 2.1

✉ firstname.lastname@upc.edu