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About me.

I obtained my Master degree in Brussels in 2016. I obtained my PhD title in October 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Eva Miranda at the Laboratory of Geometry and Dynamical Systems, unofficially named b-Lab.

I am currently a Post-doc at the ENS Lyonat the UMPA with Prof. Dr. Marco Mazzucchelli.

My research interests are symplectic and contact geometry. Currently I am trying translate well-known results in contact geometry and Reeb dynamics to a generalization of contact manifolds, known as b-contact manifolds. Those appear to are related to classical problems coming from celestial mechanics - and make applications of dynamical results on those problems especially appealing!

I am also interested in hydrodynamics (more precisely stationary Euler solutions) and its relation to contact geometry. And as you might wonder, particularily in the presence of singularities.

Click here for my CV and here for a copy of my PhD thesis.

And in contemporary COVID times, youtube presentations almost serve as business cards. Here you have mine.


GESTA School.

Exercises for the 2 hour introduction on J-holomorphic curves.

Solutions to the exercises.

Varietats diferenciables 2020.

Exercise Sheet 1: Differential Geometry, Transversality and Mor(s)e...

Exercise Sheet 2: Lie groups and algebras

Exercise Sheet 3: Lie group actions

Exercise Sheet 4: Differential forms and integration on manifolds

Midterm evaluation.

Exercise Sheet 5: Symplectic Geometry

The lecture notes can be found here. I am currently working on a polished version, so the file will be updated on a regular basis during the semester. The above exercises can be found in the respective chapters in the book.

I offer remuneration in form of chocolate in exchange for pointing out typos!

Besides maths.

Contact me.


Av. Dr. Marañón, 44-50

08028 Barcelona, Spain

Office: Edifici P - 2.1

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