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Cedar Creek Civic Association

Members of the Board of Directors, 2020

Members of the Board are elected in January of each year, at the CCCA Annual Meeting. See the CCCA By-laws for specific provisions and duties.


President & Chair of the Board – Todd McGlaun


Vice President – *Position Vacant*

Secretary – Kamau Hull


Treasurer – Kenneth (Ken) Portier


Immediate Past President – Diane Brook Napier


Traffic & Transportation:

Pete Nicholls


Landscape & Beautification:

Rick Rose


Community & Government Affairs:

Sean Boyle


Neighborhood Watch:

*Position Vacant*

Committee Members:

Membership Development & Services:

Denise Blevins


Social Activities:

Jody Graichen


Constitution and By-Laws


CCCA: What We Are and Are Not

John Napier, Community and Government Affairs Committee Chair

At the March 25, 2019 meeting of the CCCA Board of Directors, a discussion of the Non-profit status of the Association occurred. Last year there had been a discussion about making an application for a Federal non-profit designation termed 501(c)(3). But the Board did not proceed with that action because some thought the application was too cumbersome. As I explored our options, the President of CCCA, Diane Napier, remembered that a Past President had given her a copy of a form from the Georgia Secretary of State. This form clearly indicated that CCCA is registered as a formal Non-profit Corporation in Georgia.

Along with investigating Federal regulations and information from past documents, I presented to the Board what the CCCA is and is not. At that meeting on April 29th, the Board agreed that it is important that all the members of CCCA know what we are and are not. So:

  • We are NOT a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) with mandatory membership

  • We are NOT the same organization that was established in 1968

  • We do NOT have any Covenants

  • We are NOT empowered to enforce any standards of Activity, Conduct or Appearance in the subdivision

  • We are NOT Tax Exempt for either State or Federal Taxes

  • We are NOT a 501(c)(3) type organization (which is a Charity)


  • A Non-profit Civic Corporation incorporated in the State of Georgia in 1996

  • Organized with a Constitution and Bylaws, and we must register with the Georgia Secretary of State annually or we lose our Non-profit status

  • An Association in which membership is Voluntary

  • Obliged to follow ACC ordinances and Georgia laws as the recourse for any issues in the neighborhood except crime (which is the responsibility of the ACCPD)

Therefore, The Board of Directors do not have any Policing powers in our Cedar Creek neighborhood. The ACC has ordinances concerning the community. If a resident has any issues with another neighbor or concerns about property up-keep, the ACC Code Enforcement Office is the only entity with Policing Powers (Call 706-613-3790). Issues related to pets and animals need to be reported to ACC Animal Control (Call 706-613-3540). Any issue with crime in the neighborhood, OR any after-hours complaint, OR any fire or other emergency, must be reported the ACC Police Department (call 911). CCCA President Diane Napier, and other Board Members are willing to help with any concerns, but we do not have any policing powers.

Cedar Creek Civic Association Incorporation Docs.pdf
CCCA 2018 Annual Registration of Incorporation.pdf

CCCA 2019 Goals

Introduction by 2019 President Diane Napier:

As I reported at our Annual Meeting on January 28th, 2019, I intended to develop a set of goals for CCCA for my year as President. According to the Bylaws, Article III, Section 1A4. the President..".shall be responsible for the general operation of the Association including (developing) a statement of goals for the year, which shall be furnished to the Board of Directors during the first month of the President's term". The draft goals for 2019 were presented to the Board at the February 25, 2019 meeting. The Board discussed them. They then unanimously voted to approve the goals for implementation beginning in March 2019. These goals are written to include the participation of all Board members, not just the President. Several of these are already being addressed; goal #1 is essentially completed; and others show the thrusts of our major tasks. At our first meeting, Goal #2 was a major focus, to initiate systematic procedures and transparency in how we spend funds, how we make decisions, and how we act as accountable to the membership.

Collectively, the goals will serve to guide us as we move through the year. They can also serve as indication to you, the membership, of what we on are focusing on, what we aim to do and how, and what our hopes are for the Association.

GOALS for 2019

1. Effect proper transition from the 2018 Board to the 2019 Board in all functioning including

the roles and duties of the Officers and Chairs of the Standing Committees, including

reporting to document the transitions.

2. Establish a set of operating procedures for the 2019 Board, for all business (logistics,

operations, special events, financial management), for conducting Board meetings and

other meetings, for working as a team with transparency and accountability, in accordance

with the Constitution and (updated) Bylaws, and invoking Robert's Rules of Order as


3. Develop a fundraising plan for special projects, as needed, for which regular budgeted

funds do not apply (for instance, repairing or replacing the four entrance signs). The plan

should include participation of all Officers and Board members as appropriate to their

designated roles and authority, with the Treasurer and President overseeing the financial

details of the plan.

4. Construct a new, updated, mobile-friendly website for CCCA to enhance communication,

information sharing, and records keeping.

5. Initiate digital archiving and records keeping, linked to the new CCCA website, including

reports, minutes, newsletters, and online Directory of Cedar Creek residents.

6. Promote membership in CCCA through advertising and enhanced communication,

reporting on activities, and engagement of membership.

7. Engage and connect membership of CCCA through enhanced communication strategies

including but not limited to regular reporting by the Board and Committees, feature articles

in the Newsletters and on the new website, postings on Nextdoor, and alerting members to

activities and events.

8. Promote member participation and volunteerism in Cedar Creek, for instance in cleanup,

green space restoration as needed; in possible new adoptions (such as Adopt a Street), and

in social activities.

9. Pursue new activities to operationalize the Adoption of the 14 Green Spaces, in partnership

with ACC departments, and in restoration of selected green spaces as needed, beyond

regular maintenance (ex. Mockingbird Circle, Honey Tree Entrance).

10. Develop new partnerships and ventures in ACC, for instance with KACCB; programs and

specialists at the State Botanical Garden of GA; the Athens Land Trust; and with ACCPD;

to expand our ability to beautify, preserve and keep safe our green spaces and the

neighborhood as whole.