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Pay Your Dues Here

Be a part of the Cedar Creek Community

You can either pay by PayPal or by check mailed to the Treasurer with your information, see below.


To pay through PayPal:

To pay by PayPal there is a $1.91 transaction fee added to the $45 CCCA dues, so you will pay $46.91. If you want to volunteer for one of the Standing Committees or activities (listed below), please contact President Diane Napier via email at dnapier@uga.edu

To pay by check through the mail:

Please complete and return this form with your $45 check payable to CCCA, or reproduce the information to send with your check. Please be sure that your Cedar Creek home address is shown on your check. Please send all dues to the CCCA Treasurer, Pete Nicholls at his home address of 180 Cedar Creek Drive, Athens GA 30605. He can be reached by phone at 706-540-5825 if you have questions. Indicate on the form which committees that you would like to join.

Name/s ___________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone _________________________________Cell Phone________________________

email /s (please print clearly) ____________________________________________________

I would like to volunteer by serving on the following committees:

  • Social Activities Committee ___
  • Membership Development & Services Committee ___
  • Traffic & Transportation Committee ___
  • Community & Government Affairs Committee __
  • Other ways to volunteer (ex. yard sale, trick-or-treat, other) _______________________________