Welcome to Cedar Creek Neighborhood

The Cedar Creek Civic Association was formed as a Homeowners Association in 1968. It has grown into a large residential subdivision, one of the largest in NE Georgia with over 600 homes, and it has diversified in its residents’ profile to be a diverse community of neighbors. The subdivision was incorporated in 1996 as a nonprofit organization registered in the Office of the Georgia Department of State. Original covenants governing features of the neighborhood were not renewed, so there are no internal covenants governing the neighborhood, but the Athens Clarke County Code of Ordinances provides criteria for maintaining integrity, quality, and safety of the neighborhood as part of the wider ACC community. A description of exactly “what we are, what we are not” can be found on this website under “About Us.”

Cedar Creek is a leafy neighborhood, known for its tree-shaded streets and quiet ambience. It harbors quite a rich wildlife as a result. White-tailed deer, squirrels, foxes, even coyotes, frequent the neighborhood, as do many species of birds large and small. Cedar Creek is a stream with several tributaries that drains the neighborhood. There are fourteen green spaces in the neighborhood and these contribute to the peaceful environment that is the neighborhood. In 2018, the Cedar Creek Civic Association adopted all 14 of the green spaces in the subdivision (see Adoption of Green Space) in the largest single adoption in the history of the Athens Clarke County “Adopt Athens” program.

Aims and Purposes:

To protect and promote the best interests of all residents

To promote improvements of all public facilities and services

To promote and encourage the highest degree of community spirit and to foster goodwill among our neighbors

To work with public officials and other community organizations

To communicate with all residents and with CCCA members on a regular basis via the website, the Newsletter, Facebook, and other means.

The Cedar Creek website is: https://sites.google.com/view/cedarcreek


The business of the Association is conducted on behalf of the membership by the Board of Directors and its Officers: The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer with assistance from the Immediate Past President and the Chairs of the Standing Committees. A listing of the current Board can be found on About Us.

At monthly meetings, the Board conducts regular business. Meetings are usually held on the last Monday of a given month unless otherwise indicated. The list of currently scheduled meeting dates can be found on the Neighborhood Calendar. These meetings are open to the public. In 2020, the Board meetings are scheduled to be held in the Conference Room, Athens Ben Epps Airport. However, at this time meetings are being held via Zoom Teleconference in order to aid in protecting members of the neighborhood from the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January of each year the Board hosts the Cedar Creek Civic Association Annual Meeting for the full membership of the Association. In past years the association membership has been invited to dinner for a comprehensive business meeting, and for purposes of electing the Board for the following year. At these meetings a guest speaker provides insights on issues of importance to the neighborhood and the surrounding community. Past speakers have included Athens-Ben Epps Airport Director Mike Matthews in 2019, and ACC District 8 Commissioner Andy Herod in 2020. Planning for the 2021 Annual Meeting will begin in August.

At least nine monthly Newsletters provide all Cedar Creek residents with overviews and updates on important community issues and developments. 2019 Newsletters can be found here.

Cedar Creek falls within District 8 in Athens Clarke County. Our District Commissioner is Andy Herod, Andy.Herod@accgov.com

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Be a part of the Cedar Creek Community

** Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Association has decided to extend the membership payment deadline until September 1, 2020. Membership dues are $45.00 for the 2020 calendar year.

You may pay by PayPal (see below), sending a check to the Treasurer (see below), or at the Annual Meeting in January.

Your participation will help us pay ongoing operating costs, and upcoming needed repairs and restoration on our common areas. Thanks.

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To pay through PayPal:

To pay by PayPal there is a $1.65 transaction fee added to the $45 CCCA dues, so you will pay $46.65. If you want to volunteer for one of the Standing Committees or activities (listed below), please contact President Todd McGlaun via email at todd.mcglaun@gmail.com

To pay by check through the mail:

Please complete and return this form with your $45 check payable to CCCA, or reproduce the information to send with your check. Please be sure that your Cedar Creek home address is shown on your check. Please send all dues to the CCCA Treasurer, Kenneth Portier at his home address of 160 Spruce Valley Road, Athens GA 30605. He can be reached by phone at 678-644-9724 if you have questions. Indicate on the form which committees that you would like to join.

Name/s ___________________________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone _________________________________Cell Phone________________________

email /s (please print clearly) ____________________________________________________

I would like to volunteer by serving on the following committees:

  • Social Activities Committee ___
  • Membership Development & Services Committee ___
  • Traffic & Transportation Committee ___
  • Community & Government Affairs Committee __
  • Other ways to volunteer (ex. yard sale, trick-or-treat, other) _______________________________