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Dance Classes 2021

Every Wednesday January 6th - May 19th

Class and Time Options

3-6 yrs old Combo Class

10:00:10:50am Wednesday's

Only 1 spots left*

3-6 yrs old Combo Class

1:30-2:20pm Wednesday's

Only 2 spots left*

Hip Hop/Tumbling (NEW!)

3:00-3:50pm Wednesday's

Only 3 spots left*

Hip Hop/Tumbling

3:30-4:20pm Wednesday's

Only 3 spots left*

6-8 yrs old Combo Class

4:30-5:20pm Wednesday's


3-6 yrs old Combo Class (Recently Added)

5:30-6:20pm Wednesday's

Only 3 spots left*

*Updated 1/29/21

What you get:

19 Classes

(Value $228)

Performance in April

(Value $50)

Free Admission to Performance for family and friends

(Priceless Experience)

No Registration or Costume Fees

(Most studios charge at the low end charge $15 for registration and $50 for costumes)

Total Value: $343

You Only Pay


Email, Call, or Text me with any questions

or to set up a free class if you are new:


Class Descriptions:

Combo Class

Learn Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Basic Tumbling Skills (Summersault, Handstands, Cartwheel, Backbends, Backwalkovers)

Hip Hop Class

Learn Clean Fun Hip Hop and Improve Basic Tumbling Skills (Summersault, Handstands, Cartwheel, Backbends, Backwalkovers)

Want a discount?

Sign up with a sibling and get $10 off OR sign up with a friend that is new to Cedar Hills Dance and get $10 off each!

What if I have to miss a week?

I keep the price low to factor in the fact you might have to miss a week or two. There are no extra make up classes but if you can bring them to another class on a Thursday that is offered you are welcome to bring them or we can try and zoom you in if you are sick.

What if we want to stop taking class?

If you want to cancel due to Covid-19 or other things you will get a refund for the remainder of the semester you signed up for. Super simple!

When will the Performance be?

It will be in May. An exact Date and Time will be given in April.

Why Cedar Hills Dance?


Low Price with NO hidden registration, costume, or recital fees! There are a few local studios that charge about $9 per 45 minute class but they have extra fees anywhere from $80-$150.


No long performances!


We are located on Willow Ct. in Cedar Hills.

RELAX at home or run errands while your kids are enjoying class.


We love teaching dance and I KNOW your child will love dancing here!

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Photo Credit: Emily Drew - www.pexels.com