Special Session on Evolutionary and Machine Learning Algorithms in Crowdsourcing

2019 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

Wellington, New Zealand

10-13 June 2019

2019 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation

Special Session on Evolutionary and Machine Learning Algorithms in Crowdsourcing

Call for Papers

Scope and Topics

Crowdsourcing refers to the practice of involving a crowd or group of people for accomplishing some large-scale task in efficient or innovative way. Due to involvement of malicious crowd workers, it is sometimes difficult to utilize the crowdsourced opinions in decision making. Different evaluation criteria such as cost, time and accuracy are to be optimized to build an effective crowdsourcing framework. Therefore, evolutionary and other metaheuristic optimization techniques can be used in solving these complex problems. Moreover, machine learning techniques like deep neural networks, support vector machines, random forest, Bayesian learning, Markov chains, and probabilistic graphical models can be employed in different problems like aggregating crowd opinions, classifying crowd workers, performing fusion of crowdsourced solutions etc. Thus combination of evolutionary algorithms and machine learning methods can solve various crowdsourcing problems in different domains including recommender systems, social networks, education, e-commerce and healthcare.

This special session aims to bring together researchers from both academia and industry to share the ideas of the application of machine learning techniques and evolutionary computation in real-life problems that employ crowdsourcing. The potential topics of interest include, but not limited to

  • Group decision making from Crowdsourcing
  • Information fusion of crowdsourced solutions
  • Judgment analysis of crowdsourced opinions
  • Collaborative and competitive crowdsourcing
  • Multi-objective optimization in crowdsourcing based decision making
  • Missing response estimation for better judgment analysis
  • Task assignment in crowdsourcing
  • Entity-resolution based on crowdsourcing
  • Crowdsourcing in healthcare and bioinformatics
  • Crowdsourcing in recommender systems
  • Crowdsourcing for social good
  • Crowdsourcing in learning and education

Paper Submission Guideline

Please check IEEE CEC 2019 website: http://cec2019.org/papers.html#submission

Important Dates

  • Paper submission: 7 January, 2019
  • Decision notification: 7 March, 2019
  • Camera ready paper due: 31 March, 2019
  • Registration: 31 March, 2019
  • Conference: 10 June, 2019

Note: all deadlines are 11:59pm US pacific time.