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You must complete ALL checklist items on this page in SEQUENCE.

Submit ORDERS FORM and payment between 10/20 and 11/18.


▢ I understand that no refund will be issued for unused tickets.

▢ I understand that my chaperones must have tickets.

▢ I understand each school will receive two complimentary tickets.

▢ I understand that I (the music teacher) must wear my 2019 CMEA badge/tag in lieu of a ticket to enter the CEASC concert.

▢ I understand that tickets will be emailed to me in mid-January, and that tickets must be printed on paper to be valid.


▢ I have filled out ORDERS FORM online.

▢ I have received a GOOGLE FORMS receipt from Google.

▢ I have received INVOICE FOR ORDERS from CEASC Support by email.


▢ I understand that I must fill out ORDERS FORM before making any payments for orders.

▢ I have filled out CHECK IN THE MAIL NOTICE online before sending check(s) to Olivia Tremblay: CEASC Chair.

▢ I have sent PAYMENT FOR ORDERS in the mail to CEASC Chair.

▢ I have included a copy of my INVOICE FOR ORDERS with my payment.

▢ I have received a payment receipt (Payment Receipt and Account Balance_ORDERS) from CEASC Support.


▢ I understand that my chaperone must verify the accuracy of the sizes and quantities of t-shirts in the school packet on January 26, 2019. All packaging mistakes must be reported before the concert. CEASC is not liable for any unreported packaging mistakes.

Complete ORDERS Section Checklist between 10/20 and 11/18