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Day Skipper Theory Course

Day Skipper theory course will be offered during January and February 2018 at a venue local to Chepstow, in the format of 2 X 3 hour evenings per week over 6 weeks with 1 further evening by mutual agreement for test papers.

Cost in the region of £250 inclusive of course pack.

You will need to supply you own plotter and dividers (aprox £25)

Dates/Days to be advised shortly.

Further info from Roger 07968 495124 or


One of those sails that you remember!

By Darrell F Holland

Hove too, for a cup of tea and sandwich yesterday before the bridge, out on the water tweaking and testing sails on “Tokoloshi”.

Young Ben having a little sail lesson from Roger.

Rod Ling Memorial Cruise

7th August 2017 St Pierre Pill to Cardiff

Departed the Pill at 08:45, a little later than planned as we had to wait for Rhys to finish his early morning bath

Damp drizzly Monday morning, wind light and as per usual on the nose.

By the time we had cleared the M4 bridge the breeze had picked up enough to sail close hauled, fortunately the sea state was calm so we made good time despite all the tacking.

Mac and I took the inside passage into Cardiff while Rhys went the long way around the Monk Stone yet had the temerity to catch us up.

Made it into Cardiff in time to lock in at quarter to three.


8 August 2017 Cardiff to Swansea

After a wet night, the rain eased off in time to catch the ebb towards Swansea.

Unfortunately, there was very little wind and what there was, once we had rounded Lavernock Point was on the nose, so it was motoring all the way to and through the Nash Passage as far as Porthcawl.

Having rounded the corner into the Swansea Bay there was just enough wind and the last of the ebb to get the engine off and waft us up to the mouth of the Tawe.

9 August 2017 Swansea to Tenby

Off at eight o’clock to catch the ebb towards Tenby.

Not a lot of wind, just enough to waft us around the Mumbles, it then picked up slightly for the north west.

By the time we had gotten to the Helwick Pass we were sailing quite nicely close hauled so Mac and I took the decision to stay outside the Swatch.

Looking back, we could see that Rhys was heading through the Helwick Pass, towards Worms Head, our initial thoughts were that he was working a flanker and would be tied up in Tenby long before us.

By that time, we had no option but to clear the end of the Swatch and then take a long tack up into Carmarthen Bay with the winds strengthening somewhat.

A second tack had us heading straight for Caldey Island but with no sign of Rhys.

We learnt later that on reaching Worms Head he had decided to turn back to have his own little adventure in Swansea Bay.

By five o’clock we were tied up on a Visitor’s mooring outside Tenby.

We had wanted to go into the harbour so we could explore Tenby, neither of us having been into the town before but the harbour master wasn’t answering his phone.

When the tide has high enough to allow us to enter the harbour we motored across to see if there was somewhere to park but it looked rather crowded and the harbour master still wasn’t answering his phone, so we went back onto the mooring.

We could have pumped up the dinghy but by that time….and we had plenty of food etc. on board and it was a comfortable calm evening to be out on the mooring under the shelter of the cliffs and with the wind having eased off quite a bit.


10 August 2017 Tenby to Dale

Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning in Tenby Roads.

A nice force 3ish breeze from the north west wafted us nicely through the gap between Caldey and Giltar Pt.

Then a superb sail with the tide as far as Linney Head, it was especially enlivened as we had a small pod of dolphin entertain us while passing Saint Govan’s Head.

We motored the last bit across Freshwater Bay and into Milford Haven as the wind was on the nose and were tied up to the floating pontoon in Dale by three o’clock.

That evening we had a meal at the Yacht Club, much less crowded and touristy than the Griffin Inn.


11 August 2017 Dale

Had a day off lazing about in Dale.

12 August 2017 Dale to Lawrenny and back to Dale

The forecast was for a wet and windy day, so we decided to put off our trip through Jack Sound towards Solva.

Ashore again for breakfast in the café at dale, then as the rain and wind still hadn’t materialised we took a leisurely sail up the River Cleddau as far as Lawrenny.

We passed ‘Driac’ our sail training vessel but there was no sign of life on board.

Then as the tide turned we sailed back towards Dale.

Stopped off at the waiting pontoon outside Milford Marina to do some shopping.

Then back again to the floating pontoon at Dale only to find it cluttered up with boats from Lydney!

We were quite taken aback to see a familiar face on the pontoon offering to take our lines, it took me a couple of minutes to realise that it was Dave Phillips.

The Lydney contingent went off to the Griffin but it looked quite full when Mac and I got ashore so we had a couple of pints and another meal at the Yacht Club.

13 August 2017 Dale to Solva

Sunday morning broke sunny and calm, very calm, not a breath of wind but it was forecast for south easterly 2 to 3 later.

So, off to Solva today, through Jack Sound.

Ideally, we should have aimed to go through the Sound at low water slack then have the tide carry up to Solva.

But the tide timings are a bit complicated around this corner of Wales and to catch the slack at jack sound we would have had to set off from Dale, either early hours of the morning or late in the evening, which would have meant possibly arriving at Solva in the dark.

So, we aimed to get to the sound just before high-water slack so as to get through well before the tide turned and hopefully still have some north bound tide across St Brides Bay.

As it turned out we had to motor all the way to and through the sound as the wind was very light.

So, we shot the sound right on the last of the flood exiting like a cork out of a bottle through some overfalls and into St Brides Bay.

Once clear of the shadow of Skomer Island we had sufficient south westerly breeze to take a beam reach up towards Newgale and then once Green Scar had opened gibed across towards the entrance to Solva.

We were pleasantly surprised to fine that there was still guite a bit of water in the inlet but as we slowly edged towards the visitors mooring pick-up buoys we slid to a gentle halt just two yards short.

Fortunately, the bottom there is firm, gently shelving sand, I did drape the anchor over the bows, more as a token gesture as we were not going anywhere.

But it was a gloriously sunny afternoon, so we settled down in the cockpit for a nap till the tide receded, which didn’t take long, within an hour holiday makers were walking past us.

We stepped off onto the sand and strolled up to the head of the inlet and around to the harbour wall looking for the Harbourmaster but there was no sign of him.

So, back to the Harbour Inn to check out the beer and inquire about food.

Once again, we had a problem with tide times, the Inn only served food between 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the evenings, we had to be back out to Protos at the head of the inlet by 7 o’clock before the incoming tide reached her, then wait till she floated up towards the mooring buoys.

As it happened we had to paddle the last yard to the boat, then had something to eat on board while waiting to float.


14 August 2017 Solva

The forecast for Monday was rain and it certainly didn’t let us down.

The rain started sometime during Sunday night and didn’t let up until sometime on Monday night.

So, we had a lovely day exploring Solva in the rain.

We did find the Harbourmaster and get the key to the showers, Mac took advantage but I reckoned that I was wet enough.

After that we found the only shop come post office, not that we needed anything but there isn’t a lot else to do in Solve on a wet Monday.

Then back to the pub for some more wetness and this time managed to squeeze in a meal.

The Solva Boat Owners Association has excellent information for visiting boats on its website

It contains information on the eight visitor’s moorings, which dry at low water and, for fin keelers, where to slouch against the harbour wall.

There is also excellent passage planning advice for anyone approaching through Jack & Ramsey Sounds.


15 August 2017 Solva to Milford Marina

Tuesday dawned bright and sunny with a gentle breeze from the west, just perfect for getting us back to Milford Haven.

The forecast for Wednesday was looking rather ominous, high winds and rain, so the decision was taken to head to the marina at Milford once we had reached the Haven.

So, it was out of Solva and close hauled, as the breeze was now south of west, towards St Brides, a short tack to open the sound and through at slack water with not an over-fall in sight.

Then a fine sail round to the haven and up to the marina arriving just in time for a lock-in.

Tied up in the marina and sat in ‘Martha’s Vineyard’ with a couple of points by tea time.

16 August 2017 Milford Marina

The Wednesday didn’t start off too bad but by the afternoon the wind really had gotten up, gusting and swirling around the harbour.

The forecast for Thursday was looking good to get us to Tenby but it wasn’t so good for Friday, so we had to decide if we would go for it in the hopes that we could get into the harbour at Tenby.

17 August 2017 Milford Marina to Tenby

Woke to a fine morning with a gentle South Westerly to waft us to Tenby.

It’s rather wonderful how heading back to Chepstow is invariably easier than going from.

Had a superb sail round despite the sloppy sea, the result of last night’s storm.

Got there well before high water, we shot through the gap between Caldey Island and mainland with the tide and wind.

We were in Tenby Harbour by lunchtime and this time we did get hold of the Harbourmaster.

As it happens there was plenty of room, well in against the harbour wall, right next to a ladder.

18 August 2017 Tenby

A day exploring Tenby as neither of us had been into the town before.

19 August 2017 Tenby

Another day in Tenby.


20 August 2017 Tenby to Swansea

Out of the harbour early while there is still enough water and on to one of the visitor’s moorings until nearer low water.

There wasn’t much of a breeze to start with but by the time we had dropped the mooring and hoisted the sails it was picking up.

We set off well before low water and were almost at the Worms Head before it turned, unfortunately the wind also turned too, more easterly, so it was on with the motor to get us through Helwick Pass.

Ended up motoring, into the breeze, all the way to the Mumbles but once round into the bay we were able to give the engine a rest and sail across to the entrance of the Tawe.

21 August 2017 Swansea to Cardiff

A dull drizzly morning to start with but by the time we got out into the bay it had brightened and there was a gentle breeze from the west to take us across towards Porthcawl.

We motored through the Nash Channel as it was easier to stay in the channel than trying to keep Protos on a run in light winds.

Once around Nash Point we were able to sail a beam reach, with the occasional gibe, most of the way to Cardiff, and the sun came out to cheer us on our way.

22 August 2017 Cardiff to the Pill

As there was going to be very little water in the channel out from the barrage at low water we left Cardiff early and used the last of the ebb to help us out towards Flat Holm and around the Monk Stone.

It was a bright sunny morning with a light south easterly.

By the time we were south of the Monk Stone we were able to point roughly in the direction of Avonmouth and had a superb gentle sail almost as far as Portishead.

The wind, as predicted, started to come more easterly then north easterly, so we cut the corner into the Shoots a bit closer than I would have preferred but we got away with it and we were on a rising tide.

The tide was still in full flood as we rounded Charston, so a couple of pirouettes before turning into the Pill.

And we were back in the Pill at half past six, with just enough water to get us as far as the pontoon to tie up.

Previous Comments

  • 30/08/2017 Excellent Log. James

'Darrell Holland' via Chepstow and District Yacht Club

'Darrell Holland' via Chepstow and District Yacht Club.docx

Regatta 2017

Superb weekend at the 2017 CDYC Regatta.

The Weather was just perfect, perhaps a little bit too much sun for some on the Saturday.

The Friday work party went well, the grass had been cut during the week by Russell and enough members turned up to get everything else ready, particularly the marquee.

Sue and her beautiful catering team did a superb job of organising the food and the wonderful selection of sweets, and then running the barbeque.

I was looking forward to some of that banoffee pie in the time it took to take a photo of it, it had all disappeared.

Thanks to Ed’s Kingstone Brewery in Tintern for the beer.

Only two visiting boats turned up this year form Portishead, which was a shame as the mud was just perfect for rafting up lots of boats.

However, the newly laid track allowed many of the visitors to arrive by car.

And many of them camped over nigh in the numerous tents, fortunately there were no cows in the field.

We even had a flypast by the Red Arrows just to get the party going.

Three of our boats set off on a race to Clone Pill and back.

There was an emergency rescue mission at Clone, a boating hook had gone overboard but Hugh managed to retrieve it.

The sail back was a bit rough and slow as the head wind picked up against the ebbing tide, the boats just making it back into the Pill in time to get in before the tide dropped too much.

Unfortunately, for Gordon, there wasn’t quite enough water left to allow him to get back on his mooring, he didn’t quite make it and got stuck on a mud bank, near enough to be able to get shore but at an unfortunate angle.

After having enjoyed the barbeque it was down to the bonfire for the evening.

Where, thanks to Will, from Portishead, and his ukulele band we were kept entertained.

It wasn’t until the early hours of Sunday morning that the last stragglers staggered off to their bunks.

Sunday dawned another fine day, fortunately for some of us, it wasn’t too sunny.

Just two of our boats set off on a race aggress the estuary, up to the Wye and back to the Pill.

While we were out those still on shore did a fine job of clearing up.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, helped out and just joined in to make it a very memorable weekend.

Here she is "Tokoloshi"

8 hour trip from Swansea to Cardiff in lumpy state of sea.took the long way round as it was a shakedown sail to see how she went!

No issues apart from wrong diameter line on Furling gear.

Left Cardiff Barrage with 1.8 mtrs waterso high banks of mud showing all around to outer bouy off Monkstone erred on the side of safety!

9.5 kn over the ground in parts. took the inside trackt at Charston without any problem.

Got into the Pill 2.5 hours before High water, not bad for an old plodder the yacht not me!

Put on old mooring.



Sail Training Opportunities on 'Driac'

There is an opportunity to experience sailing on 'Driac' for the weekend 17-18th June.

This is an introductory weekend which could count towards RYA Competent Crew or could just be for a bit of fun.

Starts 1730 on the Friday evening and we'll finish about 1600 Sunday.

The weather looks promising so I hope we'll get out of the Haven to a good anchorage on Saturday evening.

The normal rate would be £250 but for CDYC club members that is reduced by your £28 membership and I'll give a further discount so it would be £170.

This includes all your food and a drink with dinner; there are two free places currently.

Let me know if you're interested.

I'm running 5 more 5-day RYA courses this year for Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster preparation in case anyone is interested.

At present, there is one space for 19th-23rd August and three for 4th-8th September.

These courses are £500 all in and again I'd give a 20% discount to CDYC club members.

Best wishes,


Sail to the Boat Inn

Weekend Visitors

Photo courtesy of Mac Obermaier

Chain Inspection

CDYC 2017 Chain Inspection

Photos courtesy of Gordon Mason and Darrell Holland

Track Update

More Progress

Photos courtesy of Darrell Holland

On my return from the Pill yesterday evening (8th July) I took the attached shots which confirm work has indeed commenced to the club approaches.

The road from farmhouse to the corner of the farm materials storage (where we often park) has been graded and there is now an absence of deep potholes.

Also, what I assume to be a road materials storage area at the farm corner is being levelled, our main area of interest has yet to be addressed

By Mac Obermaier

Sail to the Counts Buoy Sat 29th

The fleet of 3 set out for the Counts with 2 of us doing a shakedown sail.

Hugh on board "Marimba" and James with Gordon,

Pete was away a bit too early but it looked as though he made to go across to the other side of the River, sort of a self imposed penalty!

Very sportsmanlike gesture!

Got to Counts and we managed to stem the drift better than Gordon and Pete they looked as though they might make Lydney!

Got into the Pill to see that Mac was on his Mooring so, the Lift in went OK.

The 3 yachts and crews enjoyed a pleasant dry weather sail with the sun making a brief appearance as we sailed into the Pill.

So for the next event we hope to see more of the members on the water with their yachts, after all that`s what they are for!..........................aren`t they?

By Darrell Holland

Pontoon "Extension"

Thanks to assistance from Mac, Hugh and Rhys the pontoon extension was successfully launched, ready for another boating season.

(Photographs courtesy of Mac Obermaier)

Pontoon Launch

Yes! Tried it out today! Well done guys😇

25th March 2017

Thanks to James, Russell, Martin, Mac, Darrell, Jacquie, Rhys, Cristiaan, Chris and one other bloke, we had an excellent work party on Saturday.

Lots of tidying up, painting, repairing, cleaning and other sundry jobs completed.

There are still a few jobs on the “To Do List” for anyone wishing to make up their hours.

The next major work party will be the Chain Inspection on the 6th of May, see below.

Untitled presentation

I enjoyed the day and repartee, or I will have when I've got various shades of blue and grey off me!