CDYC Regatta 2017

Saturday 1st to Sunday 2nd July 2017

CDYC Regatta

St Pierre Pill



Visitors and visiting yachts are welcome to come and enjoy the unspoilt surroundings at St Pierre Pill for a weekend of conviviality far from the maddening crowd.

See Pilotage and Access for directions to St Pierre Pill.

There will be a barbecue and craft beer in the marque and some friendly yacht racing on the Severn Estuary.

Saturday evening gather around the bonfire for a chat and a sing song.

The weekend’s tide predictions are for neaps so tidal streams will be at their most benign.

The Pill can be accesses 3 hours either side of high water.

High Water on the Saturday will be at 13:46 (BST)

High Water on the Sunday will be at 14:55 (BST)

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