CDO Physics & Astronomy at UW

Thanks for attending Networking Days 2019!

The next Networking Days will likely be early Q4 2020. Stay tuned and in touch for other events and opportunities.

How do I get involved with the CDO?

Please contact if

  • your organization is looking to participate in the Networking Days conference.
  • your organization is looking to promote job and internship opportunities for physics and astronomy graduate students, including setting up small-group info sessions or meet-and-greets.
  • you are an alumnus who would like to connect with the current UW physics and astronomy graduate students as well as other alumni.
  • you are a graduate student with questions about conference attendance.
  • you are a graduate student who would enjoy working with CDO to plan future events for our community. (We're seeking team members for 2020. Keep CDO and the connections we make alive!)

Networking Days 2019

CDO Networking Days connects UW physics and astronomy graduate students with industry and national laboratory scientists. We are part networking, part recruitment, and part career development. Our event also emphasizes UW phys-astro community-building for current graduate students, post-docs, and alumni, as well as scientists in the Greater Seattle area and beyond.

Event outline: Anticipate student research presentations followed by libations and hors d'oeuvres on Friday. On Saturday we host Q&A panels featuring our industry scientists, presentations from participating organizations, and a catered lunch with social opportunities.