Quarter Peal Club

Are you interested in ringing a Quarter Peal? Would you be interested in ringing them on a regular basis? We're trying to get ringers together who would like to have a go [either for the first time or on a regular basis]. Don't think of a quarter peal as a massive hill that has to be climbed; instead, just think of it as a long practice session. In something like Plain Bob Doubles, you'd ring just over 10 extents in a row. It's not that difficult, and if you don't get the quarter peal at that attempt, you can always try again another time... Moreover, as the saying goes "You don't really know the method until you've rung a quarter peal of it!" If you need further convincing, read this from the Ringing World.

The way it typically works is that we send out a Doodle with all the possible slots for the next month [chosen so as to not conflict with any branch events]. Typically, these have been Friday evenings, Saturday mornings, and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The survey is sent out in the middle of the preceding month [eg, mid-November for December quarters], and the Doodle is active for one week. When the poll closes, the chosen slots are announced and we start getting the band(s) together. Usually, the band is simply those that said they were free on a given date [but we may be short or have extra ringers], and given that list, we then choose the method, the conductor, and the venue. If you are interested in a Quarter Peal, contact one of our ringing masters [Christine or Andrew] and tell them what you would like to do in your quarter peal.

That being said, the branch has not won the eight bell striking competition in a while, so we'd like to address that by ringing more triples/major quarter peals. Towards that end, Andrew Mayes will also be organising monthly slots for advanced triples/major ringers. Of course, winning the 8 bell striking competition is only a partial goal. We also want to raise the overall quality of triples/major ringing in the branch and maybe even start ringing quarter peals in caters and royal!

So, if you are not in the Quarter Peal Club, or would just like to ring a quarter peal, just send us your email address by clicking here and tell us what you'd like to ring and we'll start the ball rolling. You don't have to commit to anything. If you just want to ring one quarter peal, and then tick that off your list, that's fine. However, we are very keen to get bands together to ring quarter peals on a regular basis.

If you want some advice, don't hesitate to contact our ringing masters - Christine and Andrew.

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