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A summary of the Catholic Emblem programs can be found at the web link or

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If you are interested in being a counselor, please see our Catholic Emblem Counselor page for adult leader and emblem counselor requirements.

For Cub Scouts: Light of Christ & Parvuli Dei

A home centered program to help the Cub Scout learn about his faith through visits to places of interest.

Adult resource guide:

For Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts: Ad Altare Dei

A scripture study and project centered program based on the sacraments to relate the boy's Scouting life to his religious life.

For Boy Scouts, Eastern Catholic Churches: Light Is Life

Program based on the "God With Us" series of the Eastern Christian Formation Program to prepare a Scout to be an active member of his faith community.

For Older Scouts and Venturers: Pope Pius XII

A program to help the teenager learn more about his/her personal vocation as a Christian now and his/her career vocation later.

For children in grades 2-3 who are enrolled in the Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, American Heritage Girls, or other Catholic youth organizations : Family of God

Family of God is a bilingual activity series developed to complement the catechetical efforts of the parish and families. Revised and transliterated into Spanish in July 2004, the program helps children discover the presence of God in their daily lives as members of their family and parish. Booklet includes guide for adults. (2004) The six chapters cover:

• I Am Special to My Family • I Am Special to God’s Family

• I Belong to My Family • I Belong to God’s Family

• I Can Help My Family • I Can Help God’s Family

For children in grades 4-6 who are Girl Scouts or Camp Fire members: I Live My Faith

This program is designed to help Girl Scouts and Camp Fire members, grades 4-6, appreciate more deeply the place that God and religion occupy in their daily life. The action-oriented activities focus on developing awareness within the individual of her/his potential as a growing person, friend, family member, citizen, and a participant in the community of faith.

The program is divided into three chapters, “Stretching,” “Seeking,” and “Finding,” each of which blends the dimensions of discovery, prayer, service, and sacrament into a unified whole. I Live My Faith complements and supports the more formal religious education provided in Catholic schools and parish programs. Booklet includes guide for adults. (1991)

For girls or boys in grades 7-10 : Mary, the First Disciple

Mary, the First Disciple is written for young Catholics, grades 7-10, to enable them to “proclaim the greatness of the Lord.” This is accomplished by actively involving the participants in an understanding of Mary as a model of openness and spirituality—a woman of the church. Through various projects, discussions, and liturgical celebrations over a period of months, the participants are provided with a unique opportunity to develop new insights into their personalities, friends, parents, and the world around them. (2006)

A separate guide for adults is available. One complimentary guide is sent on a 1:5 guide to book ratio.

For youth in grades 9-12 who are registered Senior Girl Scouts or Horizon Club members of Camp Fire Boys & Girls : The Spirit Alive

This program is designed for Catholic youth in high school (grades 9-12) who are Senior level of Girl Scouts or Horizon Club members. The book may be used by those in other Catholic youth organizations. It assists them in discovering how the Holy Spirit moves in their lives, calling them to greater participation in the church’s ministry. (2004) Its four chapters are titled:

• The Holy Spirit Alive in Scripture • The Holy Spirit Alive in the Catholic Church

• The Holy Spirit Alive in Prayer • The Holy Spirit Alive in Your Life

There are four categories of activities to choose from for chapters 1-3: written, artistic, interactive, and digital. The activity in Chapter 4 is a service component.

There is a separate guide for adults and one complimentary guide is sent for each 1:5 guide to book ratio.


Prior student participation in a Catholic Faith Formation class or Catholic school does not exempt a scout from the emblem program content. The youth must participate in the experience through the exercises in their emblem workbook.