Cross-Domain Biometric Recognition Workshop

Workshop on Cross-Domain Biometric Recognition (CDBR)

co-located with

January 7, 2019, Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

This workshop will be the second of its series (the first held at WACV 2018) to focus on cross-domain technology and applications for biometric recognition, covering face, iris, and fingerprint modalities. Cross-domain technology includes methods for matching source data from one domain with target data from another domain (e.g., infrared to visible face, cross-wavelength iris, 3D-to-2D fingerprint). The three areas of interest are:

Important dates

Paper Submission: November 7, 2018

Author notification: November 21, 2018

Camera-ready Paper due: December 3, 2018

Workshop: January 7, 2018

Topics of Interest

The topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Domain adaptation techniques for face, finger and iris recognition
  • Sensors (visible, infrared, polarimetric, LiDAR, and emerging sensing technologies)
  • Face detection in the HFR scenario
  • Fiducial point detection / face alignment in HFR (in infrared, thermal, sketches)
  • Face recognition at a distance (low resolution to high resolution matching)
  • Infrared (near-infrared, thermal) to visible face matching
  • Face sketch (hand sketch, forensic sketch) to visible face recognition
  • Cross-wavelength Iris (matching across IR sub-bands)
  • NIR-to-Visible Iris recognition
  • Touch to touchless fingerprint recognition
  • 3-D to 2D fingerprint recognition
  • Cross-dataset algorithms and performance
  • Surveillance, Law enforcement applications