DFL Community Press HQ - CD6

Tell your story today!

Do you have a favorite issue that no one is talking about? Are you keeping track of a favorite piece of legislation and want other people to know what is going on with it? Is something happening in your community that you think people should know about?

Now is your chance to tell your story and get word out about the issues that are impacting the people of CD6, our community has concerns that need to be addressed and you can help bring them to light by contributing to the DFL Community Press!

Do I have to be a Member of the DFL to contribute?

No. Anyone can submit an article, our goal is to tell the story of the entire community. While this may be a project run by the DFL, it is not exclusive to DFL members. If you have a story you want to tell, then you are more than welcome to share it here.

Stories we are looking for

  • Community News
  • MN Capitol Updates
    • Legislation Tracking
    • Committee Updates
    • MN House Priorities Updates
    • MN Governor's Updates
    • Representative Interview Report
  • Court Reports (Any relevant rulings from the MN or US Supreme Courts?)