Saturday Intensives

Isn't it amazing how many different skill sets go into making one theatrical production? From technical know how to design know how, from experience with tools to experience with software, and from work back stage to work on stage, it's truly astounding to see the vast array of knowledge needed to pull off a strong show. If you've ever wanted to delve further into those skills, YPTP's Saturday Intensives program is perfect for you!

The Saturday Intensives program consists of a series of one-off workshops: enroll in one, or enroll in them all -- the choice is yours! Each workshop is designed to target a specific skill. Across the course of each three hour workshop, you'll learn core information to develop your understanding and get the chance to try your new skill out with guidance from our experienced instructors.

Who can participate?

Our workshops are open to anyone over the age of 13 (yes adults, that includes you too!). No prior experience is necessary--we love seeing newcomers!

What is the structure of the workshop?

Saturday Intensives are one day workshops that run from 10am-1pm. The individual structure of each workshop will vary based on the content.

Where do the workshops take place?

All workshops will be located at Elkton Station (107 Railroad Ave, Elkton, MD 21921). Locations within the building will vary with each workshop.

How many participants will there be in each workshop?

Most workshops will cap at a total of 10 participants in order to allow the instructors to provide as much support as possible to each participant.

What is the cost for these workshops?

Every workshop costs $30.


If you don't see the answer to your question above, feel free to reach out to Kelsy Bostic, the YPTP Program Coordinator, at

Ready to Enroll?

When you're ready to enroll, call Registration at 410-287-1078!

Check out our Current Saturday Intensives page for more information on this semester's workshops!