Coming up this week:

Science Room 211:

Wednesday from 12-2pm is our workshop day.

Library Room 403:

Friday from 1-3pm is our regular weekly meeting.

There will be multiple project updates/planning portion of the meeting and a time to address club business. Format Pending.


Maker Faire is This Weekend!

May 17th-19th

Let's see what the Maker Community is up to....

The Bay Area Maker Faire is May 17th-19th this year!

The flagship Maker Faire Bay Area is returning to the San Mateo County Event Center.

The CCSF Maker Club will be going to Maker Faire Bay Area as a group on Friday the 17th!

Contact us if you are interested in attending the event Friday 1-5PM.

We are currently working on the procedures to be able to live stream some of the events from the entire weekend.

MSFT Reactor San Francisco May 10th.

Only 80 spots available.

10MAY2019 (FRIDAY@1-3PM)