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Welcome to the READERS THEATER page for MYFest23. We have four sessions scheduled: two Fridays in July and two Mondays in August. Hopefully the widgets will show you the date/time in your time zone! If you have requests and/or suggestions for our sessions, please let Laura know; you can reach her at For more about MYFest, see the website: MYFest23 via Equity Unbound.

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Session 1. Getting started. Friday, July 21, 4PM GMT. 

For our first session, we got to know each other, and then we worked through this slideshow: Readers Theater Session 1 Slides (embedded below). We also read two scripts: Tortoise and the Stew (a Yoruba story from Africa) and Rabbit and Bobcat (a Shawnee story from North America). Many thanks to our readers!

We also talked about Jim's experience with his family editing this script frame: Who Will Be King?

MYFest23 Readers Theater Session 1

Session 2. Friday, July 28, 4PM GMT. 

At our second session, we read Aaron Shepard's play, Quackling.

We also read through the wonderful content that Jim and his family added to the script-frame Who Will Be King? (Stauffer family version). If you want to contribute to that document, please do! Jim said it is fine for people from our sessions to add their own ideas to the script that is evolving there. 

Laura also shared another script-frame that people can contribute to here: Why Cats Live with Women.

Session 3. Monday, August 7, 5PM GMT. 

For this session, we read  Aaron Shepard's script, Friday Eve (some notes about this folktale here: Mushkil Gusha), which led to a great discussion about El-Khidr folktales, plus some legends that are shared across all the Abrahamic religions.

Then we read The Sheep in the Fox's Den (which had some great RAWRing!).

 Also, Irene also shared some wonderful reflections on oral storytelling traditions, remembering the way her grandmother brought stories to life with songs and sounds, and the ways in which the audience could participate in the telling of the story. That is all very different from book reading, but we can get some of that sense of participation by reading plays together!

Session 4. Monday, August 14, 3PM GMT. 

The Stauffer and Coffey families, with some help from Hoda, have finished the script, and it turned out GREAT. So, we were able to read and record that script today: Who Will Be King?  I'll be posting the finished script later here at the website, and if the Zoom Cloud cooperates, we will have an audio recording to go with it!

Using the script-frame worked out really well, and remember: there is another script-frame here if you want to do some writing: Why Cats Live with Women

We also read this story from Africa: The Grateful Animals .

Hopefully we can find a good Saturday schedule to continue doing readers theater together once a month. There's a Scheduling GoogleDoc here where you can share information about what day/time is best for you.