The Sphinx is depressed after her riddle was solved and is taking it out on us! She has issued several new riddles and questions we need to figure out before we have one angry cat-lady on our hands.

Clues can be hidden anywhere, so don't be afraid to CLICK around on the images below. ALL of them. Seriously, click on the images to play. :)

Follow the links you find to puzzles that will allow you to solve the riddles and questions below. You might want to have a piece of paper and a pencil on hand. Also, don't forget to scroll down!

Input your answers into the form and click next to defeat the Sphinx. Please also press Submit so we know how many of you are playing.

If you get an answer wrong, you'll get a catty remark from the Sphinx and a little hint about which puzzle might answer the riddle. No capitalization necessary.

This game is intended for families, tweens, teens, and adults. Have fun!

PS) Googling the riddles is cheating and may lead to the Sphinx pouncing on you.

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