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Here is some text for the page. This is nice. I wonder if I can do columns? Here is some longer text, just so I can play with it a little.

In general, I like the nicer layout tools. But, I think I will miss some of the plug-ins available on the old Sites tool.

Hey, now I have text side-by-side

I had someone ask me about SSIDs for use on DMR. He was describing it as a way to differentiate radios while using a single RadioID.

The only reference I've been able to find about this is on the SharkRF site. In their latest release notes is the following comment:

0072: - Increased max. length of DMR ID on the web interface to be compatible with Brandmeister's new SSID feature (you can add an SSID from 0 to 99 to your DMR ID, for ex. DMR ID 2161005 and SSID 43, then enter 216100543 as your DMR ID).

I found this at https://www.sharkrf.com/products/openspot/fw/

Is this used only for hotspots? Can we use this for radios as well?

Does it just work? Or, do we need to have something configured?