To solve climate change,
we need you.

Congratulations on progressing through your first week Citizens' Climate Lobby Australia! Here you will find everything you need for the remainder of your first month, while you are becoming an effective advocate for climate action with us.

2. Your first month

We hope you've enjoyed your first week with CCL Australia.

Have you been able to attend a CCL Australia event, or have you made plans to do so? We warmly invite you to connect with other CCL volunteers in your local area.

For this next section, we estimate you will need approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes to complete the actions to round out your first month.

By the end of it, you will have:

  • used your voice to share your concerns about climate change with your Member of Parliament,

  • completed the second part of your new volunteer training modules, and

  • learnt more about our campaigns (and even taken actions to support them).

Let's go!

Climate Advocate Training (CAT)

Estimated time to complete: 53 mins.

After the informational session, the next step for new CCL volunteers is Climate Advocate Training.

This webinar will not only teach you about Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s methods and visions but also inspire you to find your role so you can hit the ground running.

IMPORTANT: Record Your Training

After watching this video, log that you have completed this training in CCL's Action Tracker: Logging our training and climate advocacy efforts in the Action Tracker is part of being an effective Climate Advocate and an important habit to get into early on. It helps us measure and report our impact as an organisation towards creating the political will for a liveable world.

  1. Select the 'Chapter & Volunteer Development' action type, and click Next at the bottom

  2. Select the 'Training' development action type

  3. Enter 'Climate Advocate Training' in the Name of Training field

  4. Edit the date you completed the module, if needed, and click Next

  5. On the participant page, your profile should already be selected, ready for you to click Submit!

Voice your climate concerns with your MP

Estimated time to complete: 10 mins.

Here's an excellent chance to use your voice and know it will be heard by your elected leader(s)!

The Voter Comment Form is one of the simplest yet most effective tools in CCL's arsenal.

We use it to capture constituent feedback (that's feedback from people like you, who vote at elections to put politicians into office).

CCL Australia collates these Voter Comment Forms and sends them to the respective Member of Parliament throughout the year, often as part of a scheduled Lobby Meeting.

Try including a brief personal story about why you're concerned about climate change and how it is impacting you.

If you completed this form before but not recently (say, more than 6 months ago), we encourage you to do it again.

Can you also ask at least one family member and one friend to complete this form too, to amplify your impact even further?

Learn about our campaigns

Estimated time to complete: 20 mins.

The voices of CCL Australia supporters and volunteers are needed at every level – national, state and local – in our communications with politicians, community leaders, business and industry, the media and our personal networks.

Click here to learn more about CCL Australia's current campaigns, and we encourage you to carry out the suggested actions for each campaign.

Your first month done!

Congratulations, we hope you're feeling even better about volunteering with CCL Australia!

You're now ready to progress to the next section as we guide you through what's next.

(And, you don't have you wait until the end of your first month to continue if you so choose!)