Bike Swap

2021 bike swap was a success!
check out our clearance sale may 12, 2021

A big thank you to everyone who helped make our 8th annual CCE Bike Swap yet another success. We raised just over $8,000 to support SIPAT programs, plus another $945 for participating schools. Over 360 bikes and bike-related items were sold, and most went within the first two hours. It was a very exciting and busy event!

Clearance Sale - Wednesday, May 12

Our remaining kids bikes will be sold at the Kids’ Bicycle Bonanza Clearance Sale on Wednesday, May 12, from 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. near the bike racks at the back of CCE. All bikes at the clearance sale are priced at $20 or less, with most going for $5 to $10. Spread the news, as the clearance sale is open to the public.

THANK YOU to the Bike Swap Volunteers!

The Bike Swap could NOT have happened without help from A LOT of volunteers! First, our AMAZING bike mechanic and support crew featuring front and center alumni family Eli, Jenna, Nate & Eva Makus.

More mechanical support came from Alan Stevenson, Bill Wood, John Conway, and several other expert hands.

Very special kudos to CCE SIPAT members Greg Francis for being CCE/SIPAT communicator and bike intake extraordinaire, Robin Erbacher, who helped to spread word of the Bike Swap on social media and helped at the swap, Felisa Yang who also helped advertise the event on social media, and the expert help of CCE WBBC Rep Scott Fuglei.

The CCE set-up crew that arrived EARLY on Sunday morning included Cindy Passmore and alumni parents Neal Williams and Alex Cooke. Then our bike check/test track/sales help volunteers included more help from the versatile CCE parent Bill Wood, along with Marie Liu. Julia Logan kept track of all our amazing student volunteers to ensure they stayed on task. The cashiering crew was led by several alumni parents.

We had lots of help from CCE students, including Troy Erbacher, Pearl Fuglei, and Grace and Andrew Logan, as well as MANY CCE alumni students. Many others also stopped by to donate or consign a bike, got caught up in the action, and then decided to stay and help too!

We also had help from several DaVinci, Pioneer, Korematsu, Harper, Holmes, Davis High, and Willett parents and students to get the bikes moved around, cleaned, and ready to sell. Another special thanks to Davis Composite Mountain Biking Team and Golden Valley 4H Club for making the CCE Bike Swap their April Community Service event, adding even more student power to the mix.

Finally, a big thank you to all the CCE (and other) families that donated, consigned, and purchased bikes. There were so many great bikes (and deals!) for this win-win annual fundraising event for our school.

Questions? Email Jill Bonner at

ReCycle Your BiCycle at the Annual CCE Bike Swap on april 25, 2021

If you have ever been to the Davis High School Ski Swap, you’ll know what to expect. At the CCE Bike Swap you can:

  • BUY A BIKE... great deals on used bikes and accessories for kids and adults!

  • DONATE A BIKE... CCE receives 100% of the sale price, which is tax deductible. (*Please see bottom of this page for information about donations from other schools)

  • SELL A BIKE... we'll try to sell your bike for you. If we do, CCE receives 25% of the sale price, which is tax-deductible.

This is a fun and affordable way for growing kids to get the next size bike. For those donating or selling bikes, you can free up garage space while supporting your school! Both adult and kid size bikes and accessories (such as bike trailers) are accepted! Donated bikes/accessories and 25% commissions are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Drop-Off Days Saturday, April 24 from 3-6 p.m. or Sunday, April 25 before 9 a.m.

Drop off your bike or accessory for consignment and/or donation the day before the Bike Swap on Saturday, April 24 from 3-6 p.m.

You can also drop off on Sunday, April 25 before 9 a.m.

Bike Swap find your perfect bike or accessory on Sunday, April 25 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (rain or shine)

Where? the CCE parking lot at 1221 Anderson Road, Davis, CA 95616

Please note that masks will be required during the Bike Swap, including drop-off.

Can You Help?

To keep the swap running smoothly, we need help with the intake of donated bikes, bike sales, cashiering, and monitoring the "test track" (no knowledge of bikes necessary for most of these tasks). We also need help from "bike smart" folks to help answer bike questions for shoppers or "bike mechanic smarts" to help tweak donated bikes. You can help on Saturday and/or Sunday, AND bring your student along to help too! Shifts are generally 3 or 4 hours. Masks will be required. Sign up to volunteer here.

If you have ideas, suggestions, questions or can help in any way, please contact

ALL Davis schools can make the Bike Swap a fundraiser for their school!

How? Advertise widely that your school will receive 75% of the sales price of all donated bikes from your school! Just have families bring kids and adult bikes, biking equipment, bike trailers, etc. in good working condition down to the CCE Bike Swap during designated drop off times and note your school name on the paperwork. All donated bikes are tax-deductible!

To find out more about how your school can participate in this fundraiser, please contact