Friday, Feb. 11 | 7AM - 2PM


Inaugural Golf Tournament

at Eagle Creek Golf Club

A Fundraising Golf Tournament with Celebration Community Church

Friday, February 11, 2022


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The goal of this tournament is to raise the funds necessary to build a new playground for Celebration Community Church.

Artist's rendering of actual playground to be built.

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The Course

Eagle Creek Golf Club

10350 Emerson Lake Blvd, Orlando, FL 32832

Eagle Creek Golf Club is an eighteen-hole golf course located in Orlando, Florida. The course has a par of 73 and measures 7,198 yards, containing five par-5 holes and over ninety bunkers


Why is the Church building a playground?

Since the removal of our small playground outside of the worship center several years ago, we have seen a burgeoning growth in the number of children among our partners. Staff has agreed a playground was really needed and it would be well used by our young ones, but it never got traction as the church did not have the funding to make it a reality. 

What is the cost and how is it being funded?

We received an anonymous $10,000 gift this past spring to jump start the project. In addition, we have a family in our church that is in the business of selling commercial grade playgrounds to schools, parks, etc. They have graciously offered to pass along a full discount of their commission on the sale of the equipment, and to offer their guidance on the overall design and assembly of the equipment.
We were able to secure additional early donors for the project so that we have a total of $31,000 already committed to the Playground project. The overall budget for the playground is approximately $67,000, so another $36,000 needs to be raised. The elders approved moving ahead with the project with the hopes that the money could be raised outside of the general operating budget of the church. It was deemed by the Finance Advisory Team (FAT) and the elders that if the fundraising did not meet the goal, the church had enough money in reserves to fund any deficient amount.   

This is just a playground, why does it cost so much?

Commercial grade playgrounds are very expensive. This is not residential grade equipment, but rather commercial grade which will be very durable. We are going with a company named Miracle Recreation  They are one of the larger and more reputable firms in this space and provide high-quality, long-lasting equipment. With our discount and providing assembly ourselves, we are saving approximately $55,000!

Where will the playground be located?

There were three areas considered---on the northeast area of the soccer field, east of the present worship center and ultimately where we are going to locate it which is 78 feet west of the community center on the grassy area. It will be butted up close to the exit road so that we preserve the grassy area outside of the community center doors. We understand this is on the site where an eventual larger worship center will be constructed, but it was decided that it can be relocated when necessary. See layout drawing.

What will the playground look like?

We have included a rendering of the equipment itself and a simple layout drawing. The playground will be a plot of about 35 Ft X 60 Ft. It will have a mulch base, two benches and a black aluminum fence around the perimeter. The south side of the playground facing Celebration Place, will have a shrub buffer.

When will it be delivered and assembled?

This is not firmed up at this time, but it appears delivery may not occur until summer of 2022.  Once delivered, we will need to have a volunteer team to assemble (kind of like a barn raising!).

How will we raise funds?

During the initial meetings on fundraising, the idea of hosting an annual CCC fundraising golf tournament came up. This would be a fun event and provide great fellowship and volunteer opportunities. The elders felt this was a great idea and voted to move ahead with the golf tournament. The idea would be to host the tournament annually, with specific beneficiaries/objectives. This year we will be funding a playground. Any excess money raised would go to church building maintenance/improvements. 
This year's tournament will be held Friday February 11th, at Eagle Creek Golf Club. The fundraising will be a combination of businesses sponsoring portions of the event, our partners and regular attenders sponsoring portions of the event and of course, also direct giving to the event and to the playground. We understand not everyone is a golfer, but everyone can support the event both financially and through volunteering.

How can I donate and/or volunteer?

It is important to remember that any money donated for the playground be above and beyond your normal giving to the church. If you are giving online, we have set up a special button for supporting the tournament/playground. If you are writing a check, you can designate the money goes to the playground/golf tournament. Remember, any outright gift or sponsorship of the tournament, goes to the same place---funding the playground.
If you own a business or know someone that does, this might be a great opportunity for the business to sponsor a portion of the tournament. If you want to individually sponsor a major portion of the golf tournament, that would great, we will post your sponsorship as an anonymous sponsor.
We will need a number of volunteers (non-golfer opportunity!) for the tournament itself. We also will need an assembly team for putting the playground together. You can send an email to with additional questions.

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