October 22–24, 2021

Conference on Compactifications, Configurations, and Cohomology

at Northeastern University

Organizers: Peter Crooks and Alex Suciu

Description: This conference aims to emphasize and build upon the existing connections between compactifications, configurations, cohomology, and adjacent subjects. Recurring themes are likely to include algebraic groups, blow-ups, configuration spaces, hyperplane arrangements, Lie theory, and wonderful compactifications.

Dates: October 22–24, 2021

Venue: Northeastern University in Boston, MA

Speakers: The following people have kindly agreed to speak at our conference.

Conference program: Please download the formal conference program via this link. It includes all titles and abstracts, as well as the precise times and room numbers for all events.

COVID-19 protocols:

  • Registration: If you are not affiliated with Northeastern University and wish to participate, please communicate this in an email to the organizers. This would allow us to register you as a visitor to Northeastern.

  • Daily pre-arrival wellness check: Non-Northeastern-based participants should complete this wellness check for each day of attendance. This should be done prior to arriving at the conference site on a given day. Northeastern-based participants will be responsible for completing the usual wellness check.

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Funding: The organizers gratefully acknowledge the National Science Foundation for financial support.