Catherine Cannizzo

Visiting Assistant Professor
University of California, Riverside
Department of Mathematics, Skye Hall
900 University Ave, Room 275A
Riverside, CA 92521

About Me

Image credit: Claudia Landgrover, SCGP, November 2021

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside. Before that, I was a Research Assistant Professor at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics at Stony Brook University. My interests lie in symplectic geometry, specifically mirror symmetry. You may find me at the Western Hemisphere Virtual Symplectic Seminar (WHVSS) tea.

I received my PhD in 2019 from UC Berkeley, under Professor Denis Auroux. I received my BA and Master of Mathematics in 2012 from University of Cambridge, with thanks to my Part III essay advisor Professor Julius Ross. The origin of what I study is string theory, which is now of interest in mathematics too.

On a more personal level, I enjoy dancing ballet, I'm a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and here is how to pronounce my name. I'm featured on 1 Million Women in STEM and MΣΣT a Mathematician!.

Pictures from math events

Noetherian Ring Paint Day, Fall 2017
UC Berkeley, Cal NERDS

Beautiful artwork I saw during the 2017 Oakland Women's March

Protect Each Other
Photographer: Delphine Diallo
Artist: Shepard Fairey

Artist: Jessica Sabogal

Helen Red Feather of the Lakota tribe
Photographer: Ayşe Gürsöz
Artist: Ernesto Yerena

Greater Than Fear
Photographer: Ridwan Adhami
Artist: Shepard Fairey

Defend Dignity
Photographer: Arlene Mejorado
Artist: Shepard Fairey

I am an American
Featuring: Amanda Nguyen
Artist: Shepard Fairey

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