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(running time: 18:04)
Released on 09.01.2019

Proposed Downtown Stadium


CCA explores the proposal to build an 18,000 soccer stadium for private use on public land in downtown Concord.

The episode, narrated by Greg Colley, listens in on public comment from the January 2019 meeting. In that meeting, City Council decided to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with Walnut Creek real estate mogul and sports venturist Mark Hall for a master development plan that is centered around his need for a soccer stadium. Laura Nakamura recounts CCA's subesquent meetings with Hall Equities Group and Mr. Hall himself, making clear why CCA decided to take action. Dave Hughes discusses CCA's initial approach to engaging the public on this issue.

Experts referenced in episode:

Audio taken from NBC Bay Area, KTVU, CBS5, and were used without permission. All music in Episode 1 is by Dave Hughes, except for the intro and outro music, provided by Ken Lyon.

(running time: 27:27)
Released on 01.01.2020

Music of Concord

CCA explores the music of Concord, from its rich jazz history to concerts, musicians, and music venues of today.

This episode, narrated by Concord musician Dave Hughes, features interviews with former mayor Carlyn Obringer (also a musician), Concord musician Bernt Strom, and music venue owner Athula Willathgamuwa. Brief appearances are made by Clementine (Zeperella's drummer), Jim Ocean (the founder of the downtown concert series), and Sesh, the owner of Tone Army Records, Concord's newest vinyl record store.

Concord Musicians featured in this episode:Memphis Blues Project: Concord Blue Devils: Bernt Strom: Bully West: Swoon: Sabertooth Unicorn: Planting Seeds: Day Labor: Night Tripper: Jason Stein (Blitz, inkWell): Tommy Cantu: Right Proper (A.K. Jameson) Mel Bearns: Trish Vegas: Dave Hughes: Bob Loomis: Ben Poe:
Featured Artists (not from Concord)House of Floyd: Zepperella: Andre Thierry (Zydeco):
Audio by Dave Brubeck, TLC, Lionel Richie, and Peter Frampton were used without permission. The brief excerpts of these copyrighted songs falls under fair use.

(running time: 16:08)Released 02.01.2020

Homeless in Concord


CCA explores the growing social problem of homelessness in Concord, in the new open-ended series "Homeless in Concord."

It's important to remember that at the core of this complicated issue are people - Concord residents - who are struggling in almost unimaginable ways.

Before exploring causation, stigma, assistance programs, funding, etc., CCA asks listeners to first hear the perspectives of people currently experiencing homelessness here in Concord.

Narrated by Ivette Maruri, the first of our series is an interview with one such Concordian, whom we refer to as "Linda."

Look for "Homeless in Concord (Part 1)" in February 2020.

Featured Artist:All music featured in this episode was used by permission from the artist, the acclaimed cellist Zoe Keating. Please consider supporting her by purchasing one or more of her albums directly from her website:

Proposed Downtown Stadium


As the 18-month initial exclusive negotiation agreement winds down, what does the future of this proposal look like? CCA provides an update on the controversial HEG proposal which includes an 18,000 seat stadium in the middle of downtown Concord.

  • What individuals or groups actually support this unpopular proposal?
  • What are our City Councilmembers thinking/signaling?
  • What are some alternative concepts for this plot of public land?
  • How much campaign money have Joe Garaventas and Mark Hall contributed to our current City Council?
  • Should anyone on Concord City Council recuse him or herself from future decisions on this proposal?

Featured Artist:All music featured in this episode was used by permission from the artist, independent musician Jeff Persson. Please consider supporting him by purchasing one or more of his albums at