Machine Intelligence Lab

Chungbuk National University


Open Position

(In English)
We are looking for highly motivated Undergraduate, M.S., and Ph.D. students who are interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,

especially (i)
Unmanned Vehicle Driving & Flight Solutions and (ii) Machine Vision-Based System Automation technologies (but not limited).
Please feel free to contact us for detailed information
※ Benefits : Sufficient Financial support (Research scholarship covering tuition fees and living expenses as well as the incentive for publishing papers)

(In Korean)
인공지능 및 기계학습을 바탕으로, 자율주행차 및 자율비행무인기 알고리즘 연구 그리고 머신비전 기반 시스템 자동화 연구(분야 확장 가능)에 참여할 대학원생(학부연구생, 석사과정, 석박사 통합과정, 박사과정)을 모집합니다. 관심있는 학생은 이력서를 첨부하여 이메일로 보내주시기 바랍니다 (
혜택 : 등록금 및 생활비 지원 (논문게재 인센티브 별도 지급 예정)

Research Interest (Currently)

  • Autonomous Vehicle Control

- Autonomous Flight & Driving Solution
(e.g., Unmanned Drone Precision Landing, Obstacle Avoidance Maneuver, Cooperative Swarm Intelligence, etc.)

- Safety-Driven Technology
(e.g., Emergency Landing of UAM(Urban Air Mobility, Automatic Emergency Breaking of Autonomous Car, etc.)

  • Machine Vision

- Sensor-Driven Computer Vision
(e.g., Target Detection & Tracking, Image & Video Enhancement, View Stabilization, Scene Understanding, Visual Correspondence, Video Analysis, etc.)

- Platform Automation
(e.g., User-Customized Digital Content Recommendation, Factory Process Management, Platform Signal Feature Extraction, etc.)