Things You Need To Know About Cavity Prevention

According to a statistic, more than one quarter of American has cavities and they either don’t know about it or ignore it. Eventually, it leads to the tooth loss. Although, going to the dentist becomes an absolute requirement when the cavities start to occur, prevention remains as the first line of defense against cavities. So, the dentists suggest preventive measures to be followed in the homes and offices so that cavities could be prevented.

How do the cavities start?

Cavities are basically the holes in the outermost layer of teeth called enamel. These holes are formed due to consistent action of a type of bacteria called Streptococcus mutans. The consistent interaction of this type makes the enamel to degrade, causing the inner tooth surface to appear. The element which carries out this process is an acid which is released by the bacteria. After the enamel is degraded, the acid starts infecting the inner tooth, taking infection to the pulp and then down to the root. Hence, the infection can lead to the diseases down in jawbone.

Neglecting the cavities can result in serious tooth aches and sensitivity issues. Eventually, the treatments such as crowning, filling, root canal and even the tooth extraction become inevitable. Bad news is that cavities can cause the gums to be infected. Hence, the overall and final result may not be ideal for the overall health.

Cavity can occur due to diet

We hear from dentists all the times that it’s carbs and sugars which cause cavities. Hence, we learn it from the start that candies and sodas can be quite contributive in the development and worsening of cavities. However, most people don’t realize that starchy breads, cereals, pastas, fast foods and snacks can also cause the plaque which can lead to the cavities.

Another oral condition which can cause cavities is the dry mouth. This condition is also referred to as xerostomia. The reason is that mouth loses the capability of producing saliva in required amount. As a result, food remnants and bacteria are not washed away. So, drinking the water for at least 8 times a day is highly essential to keep the mouth hydrated and safe from cavities.

Another major reason for tooth decay is the acid interaction due to consumption of acidic foods. Foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits and the vegetables which contain high content of acid can result in the quicker development of cavities. Hence, you also need to be careful about consuming the foods which sound nutritious.

The prevention

Cavity prevention is quite easier than you may think. You just need to follow the dental care routine with consistency.

  • Reduce the consumption of sodas, candies and other treats which contain sugar. Brush and clean your teeth after every intake.
  • Eat more of fiber breads, low fat meat and dairy product which would be rich in calcium.
  • Eat green vegetables and fibrous fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water.

These are the simple preventive measures but their effectiveness is incredible. Moreover, visit to your dentist twice every year to make sure that your dental health is intact.