Fire and Rain

By Erin Lehmann

The whisper of her goodbye wafted into the night sky like embers, slowly and surely. Before long they had disappeared entirely, and so had she, so that he was left standing alone on the street corner with nothing more than his memories. They too, already seemed to be fading. The day he ran into her in that small diner felt like eons ago; it was only a matter of time before her image dulled in his mind. Memories are the worst that way, the more he thought about her and how everything began the less clear they were, becoming warped. Something other than what they had really been. Standing on that street corner he pushed her out of his mind as the last of her footsteps faded away. Maybe the more he thought of her the more those memories dimmed, and that was something too unbearable to give into right now. He picked his briefcase off the ground, slick with rain, and made the long walk home.

Each drop landed on her differently than the last, her skin collecting them in the city light. She felt them as they came: warm, cool, colder still, big, fat, and full. Her mouth parted for only a second, and a bead of water broke the seal of her lips, rolling down into the hot home of her inner flesh. Her tongue, instinctively curious, lapped out and captured the clean, raw taste. Wanting more, she clenched her eyes and tilted her head – letting whatever came fall deep into her openness. She became passive, waiting instead of seeking, and was rewarded with sheets upon sheets of it. She let the rain envelope her entire being, satiating her soul and rooting her to the ground. “Goodbye”, which she had whispered so easily before, was now burning hot like steam on her tongue. She closed her mouth quickly, as if scorched, as if she were rawer than she ever had been. Her words were fire, and she had ignited him before. This time though, she may have burned him down. She wasn’t sure if even rain could save them now.

Erin Lehmann is a marketer and freelance writer living in Portland, OR. She is perpetually caught in abstract thought webs. Her three professional truths are knowledge, challenge, and innovation. In her free time she is running, biking, and eating her way around the city with her partner. Follow her on Twitter: @Lehla3