About Us

Cat on a Leash Review (COLR) was founded by members of Chicago Literary Writers (CLW) with the desire to share a love of reading and writing literary fiction. We at COLR are well aware of the fact that all forms of writing invite both ridicule and scrutiny, while exposing each writer's infinite vulnerabilities. In this way, we are all like a cat on a leash, standing out awkwardly, and perhaps uncomfortably, tugging at our halter as we walk through life. Our goal at COLR is to provide writers and readers with a platform for writing that is unique, vulnerable, and perhaps even humorous--just like a cat on a leash.

Diane D. Gillette

Diane D. Gillette first started writing down stories in the dentist office waiting room one boring afternoon when she was seven, and she never really stopped. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College and later earned her MAT in Elementary Education from the University of Chicago. (Because teaching writing to a bunch of really awesome kids is almost as much fun as actually writing.) She's had more than 40 of her short stories and prose poems published in various literary magazines over the past decade. She lives in Chicago with the love of her life and their two feline overlords.

Anne Theodora