Internet Resources

When searching the web for information, pay special attention to the source of the information. Many self help blogs and websites have some information that can be misleading. It is good to stick to those sites associated with a University.

A valuable Canadian site is from the University of Manitoba and supervised by Dr. Anthony Kaufmann.

Another good source is the Facial Pain Association in the USA.

There is a "Patient Guide" that provides lots of information about TN

Other Websites

This is an excellent website with actual MVD videos and explanations with different vascular compressions and complications. Also videos on MVD redos.

Reference Books

A good reference book is Striking Back, The TN and Face Pain Handbook by Dr. Casey and Mr. Wiegel. It is available from its publisher, the Facial Pain Association. The following is a link to the ordering page on their website:

2020 There is a new book Facial Pain: A 21st Century Guide also available from the FPA in both Print and electronic format.