Inkunzi Cave and Zulu Hut

Inkunzi Cave

Inkunzi Cave, Central Drakensberg (Source: Inkunzi Cave and Zulu Hut

View from Inkunzi Cave

View from Inkunzi Cave (Source: Inkunzi Cave and Zulu Hut

The totally unique Inkunzi Cave and Zulu Hut are located in the foothills of the Central Drakensberg mountains, in the beautiful Champagne Valley. Both have a Rock finish inside and out, with rock paintings and carvings on the walls to guarantee you an African experience. To complete this African experience, we now have our very special Squatter Shack, The Diddly Squat Eco Abode . For more information on Inkunzi or a preferential quotation please complete the following form. Site Map. Map for Inkunzi Cave and Zulu-Hut. Photo Gallery of Inkunzi Cave and Zulu-Hut.

View from Inkunzi Cave and Zulu-Hut