Catghans by Beulah


Monkey is a 3-year-old rescue cat from Cadiz, Spain. He was adopted as a newborn after his mother and siblings were hit by a car. He loves climbing on everything and everyone (hence the name) and cuddling up on his catghan.


Kracken is a true gato sevillano, cat of Seville, who loves taking siestas under his catghan. He is 3 years old and was rescued as a kitten. He is very friendly and loving and, like most Sevillanos, the way to his heart is through his stomach.


Grace's cat Dasher loves lounging on his soft and colorful catghan.

Rusty has three catghans that he absolutely loves. They're perfect for people-watching, big stretches, waiting for election results, and - of course - cat naps.


Michelle's cat Next loves lounging on the catghan and taking some time for self-care.