The Trial of Bloodright is a scenario based out of the Battletech fiction where clan mech warriors earn their bloodname through a competition. It is a two part scenario: the Bloodright and the Clan Grand Melee.

The night before the Bloodright is the Clan Grand Melee where players can fight to win a free ticket into the Bloodright the following day. The Bloodright is then a single elimination kill and keep event.

Everyone is guaranteed to go home with at least a mini in a blister but some will go home with several very nicely painted minis. However, the big prize for winning is the officially CDT bloodname and the glory that goes with it.

The Trial of Bloodright at Gencon 2019

  • The bloodname this year is Roshak from Clan Jade Falcon.

Descriptions as posted listed in the Gencon Event Listings

  • Short
    • Clan Grand Melee: Win a slot into the Bloodright Tournament proper Clan style. Clan Jade Falcon with the Roshak Bloodname is at stake this year.
    • Bloodright: Fight your sibkin from Clan Jade Falcon for the glory of the Roshak bloodname.
  • Long
    • Clan Gand Melee: Free-for-all tournament to decide the last entry into the Trial of Bloodright for Clan Jade Falcon. Sixteen warriors will enter only one will continue on. All minis and supplies will be provided for this event, the player only needs to bring themselves and a want to be named the next Roshak! The Bloodright Tournament will be on Friday at 6pm.
    • Bloodright: A 5 round single elimination tournament. You will face off one to one against another proud Clan Jade Falcon warrior. Upon defeating your opponent, you keep the mech that they piloted to potentially use in future rounds. After being eliminated any excess mechs that you have, you get to keep. Contestants eliminated in the first round will have a selection of Battletech Mech Blisters to choose from in lieu of keeping a mech from the contest. The overall winner also gets the bloodname of Roshak.