Virtual PBX

Functionalities Virtual Switchboard PBX

Connection of the terminals via VPN - Unlimited number of extensions - Customizable locutions - Automatic operator - Fax2Mail Service and Web2Fax - Virtual audio conferencing rooms - Automatic call forwarding -C ustomizable standby music - Advanced call distribution (by origin, destination, time, etc.) - Welcome message - Individual voice mailboxes with notification by e-mail - Recording of calls - Call monitoring - Record all calls from the exportable system - Calling queues - Softphone operator console - Use of the number of offices in other countries - App for mobile and tablets, both IOs and Android

Virtual PBX in the cloud

Virtual Switchboard cheaper, flexible and accessible.

Replace your obsolete physical switchboard and take advantage of virtual IP telephony over the Internet.

Virtual PBX in the cloud

More than 150 features from € 7.80 / month

Vertical solutions:

Contact center for CRM, virtual switchboard for hospitals, virutal switchboard for hotels Virtual Fax Virtual PBX in the cloud: Advantages Without permanence. Immediately download the month you want.

As much of all the extensions contracted as only of some.

You can keep the company number Savings of up to 50% in fixed costs and calls compared to the cost of your conventional physical switchboard and fixed lines

Saving on calls and switchboard cost Only monthly fee with all inclusive.

Improve your voice call rates Solution that unifies several locations in a PBX Extensive catalog of IP phone terminals to choose from. Scalable at any time from your cloud control panel Geographic numbering or portability included Call packs month and custom rates Integration with mobile telephony in the physical switchboard Call center for technical support and customer service High quality and stability service Virtual solution suitable for small businesses

Virtual PBX in the cloud Your mobile office It exceeds its PBX significantly It provides all the telephone features you need.

From calls, both landline and mobile, extensions, multiple phone numbers, virtual mailbox, call waiting with competitive rates.

Compatible with any telephone operator Flexible calling options Decide the calls you answer, or redirect to voicemail. Pass an ongoing call to any extension, or even your mobile.

Technical Support Call Center Expert team of technical support to companies.

Contact you to request the necessary information and customize your installation

The best rates Pay only for the calls you make. Increase and reduce extensions, month by month. Not only your accounts will appreciate the rates