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Our service offer

We offer a global and integral service in the work area and the administration of payroll and Human Resources for your company.

We have been managing payrolls for over 75 years with a strong commitment to innovation and personalization of the process, which has made more than 4,700 companies entrust us with their management.

Innovation means driving forward new working models, offering new services and improving both our processes and those of our clients, to offer added value.

Our team of expert developers, in collaboration with different areas of the company, has developed the following applications to take our clients to the next level, digitalization.

Our employee gateway that aims to reduce red tape between the human resources department and the employee, to streamline management.

Employees can use this platform to view and download their payroll advice and request vacations and absences, and more.

The new digital firm service that businesses can use to streamline the management of all their employment documents, from any location and device, saving time and resources.

In addition, by having all the documentation in digital format, they we are helping to reduce unnecessary paper wastage and filing space.

In our labor department we are specialists in the following services:

Payroll Management and Administration

Social Security Management

Relationship with Legal Representatives of Workers

Layoffs and Labor Conflicts

Labor and Social Security Inspection

Bonus Training Credit Management

Employee portal

HR Portal

Advice and preparation of employment contracts.

Preparation of payroll and Social Security (TCs).

Study and cost report.

Registration, cancellation and variation of data before Social Security.

Registration of Autonomous.

Household Employees and Agriculture.

Processing of Social Security benefits.

Presentation Model 111 and 190.


Fiscal Advice

Tax Inspectorate

Tax Management / Fiscal Management

Accounting Management

Accounting Advice

Accounting Consulting

International Taxation

060 Electronic Notifications

Other advisory services for companies

Virtual PBX in the cloud



Corrective and preventive operations: Optimization of computers and employee jobs.

Other highlights: Integral Computer Maintenance Preventive Maintenance We have professional technicians and specialists in WIFI, cybersecurity, backups, printer repair Multi-language computer support: Spanish, Catalan and English


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Profile of our clients

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