Cash King Payday Loan


You may need money quickly, but you don't want to get trapped in a cycle of high-interest debt.

Traditional payday loans can be very costly, with interest rates as high as 400%. If you can't repay the loan on time, you could end up paying even more in fees and interest.

Cash King offers payday loans with manageable payments and no hidden fees. Cash King Loans also offer instant loans, which allow you to pay back your loan over time without accruing additional interest charges. Plus, Cash King Payday Loan online application process is fast and easy - you can get your money in as little as 24 hours.

Who We Are?

Cash King is a lender that offers many types of loans to people in need. It has more than 1,400 locations where you can get your hands on some cash or an installment credit card for daily use!

How Cash King works?

Need emergency cash? You can get a Cash King payday loan from the comfort of your own home. In order to apply for one, all you'll need is identification and an income source such as paycheck stubs or TANF benefits card; some states also require social security numbers which vary by location - make sure it's available before applying!

Types of loans from Cash King

  • Cash King Payday loans are designed to be taken out quickly and easily, so you can get the money your business needs in an emergency.

  • Pay-as-you go (Pmeier) payday lending is becoming more popular than ever before because it offers flexibility for people who need small amounts of cash without taking too much risk with their financial futures at high interest rates that could lead them into loan trouble later down line; but there's also another side effect associated when using this type pf financial service - the borrower risks creating serious debt problems should he/she fail

  • Instant Loans

  • Get the money you need right now. Pay it back over time with a Line of Credit from Zions Bank! Enjoy convenient, personal access to funds whenever you want—and Cash King Payday Loan won't charge any hidden fees or commissions on top of what your interest rate is already going for.* Just apply online today and get $1,000 sent directly into yourśs hands within two business days*.

Why Choose Us?

  • Cash King is the leading provider of Payday Loans, offering fast cash advances to consumers nationwide. Cash King Payday Loan innovative technology and low rates make our services an attractive alternative for those who need money quickly but don't have enough credit available with other lenders or financial institutions such as banks where they may be unqualified because we consider things like income levels when deciding whether someone should get a loan - not just how much you earn per year!

  • Quick approval! Cash King offers an instant decision, so you may find out right away whether or not your application for a payday loan is approved. If it's okay with them and the money starts appearing in your account as soon after applying (or before!) then this service will be perfect - because let’s face it: who wants to wait around until their next paycheck just 2 weeks away?

Is Cash King legal?

Cash King offers a variety of safe and secure online loans, including legitimate payday lending. With our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 5-star TrustPilot review score we're proud to be one step ahead on your next financial need!

Cash King Loans focus heavily upon encryption protection for all customer data during transmission as well as at rest so you can feel confident about what's happening behind the scenes when applying or withdrawing cash from an AdvanceAmerica account no matter whether it’s small dollar borrowing needs like $100-$500 unsecured quick shipments (installment), larger

Terms and Conditions

Cash King Payday Loans are short-term loans that can be used as an alternative to paying off your paycheck or taking on another debt such a mortgage. The typical fee for one is $15 per hundred dollars borrowed, but this varies based upon state regulations so Cash King Loans recommend checking with local lenders in order find out what they charge before making any decisions about whether it would work better than other options you may have considered already like bank overdrafts fees; bouncing checks which typically come at higher rates compared with Payday Loan interest rates ; late payments from financial institutions where charges tend not only include principal amounts outstanding plus accumulated interests – unlike those seen when borrowing through specific stores

How much can I borrow?

Cash King Payday loans are a great way to get an unexpected expense taken care of or when you need more money before your next payday. You could receive up $1,800 in some states!



A representative from the Cash King Oak Park Branch in my local town was helpful and eager to assist me. She rewarded that with an instant solutions by fixing all issues quickly without much hassle or delay! The customer service is impeccable which makes it easy for customers like myself who need their services as soon possible but also appreciate professional treatment too especially when we're not exactly sure what's wrong (like myself). Sonya deserves 10/5 stars - she really went above-and beyond expectations; thank you so much again!!!


I've tried a few payday loan places. Cash King is by far the easiest and fastest process- you literally just sign on to get your money! It was so fast that even before logging off site my funds were deposited into account too 😊


It's always a hardship when the office closes, but I'm sure you'll find yourself in good hands with my other clients. Thank-you for coming here today!


If you are in a hurry and need cash right now, Cash King is here to help. You can get your money quickly and easily without having to go through a lot of red tape. Simply apply online or walk into one of Cash King many locations, and you could have the cash you need in minutes. Don't wait any longer - get started today!